Understand the Competitive

In today’s market, being able to assess the competition is a must-have for every organization. It is just as important to know your share in the marketplace.

IDC’s Tracker® provides accurate and timely market size, vendor share, and forecasts for hundreds of technology markets around the globe. With the largest global analyst team in the industry, IDC delivers world-class Tracker data for over 100 countries, offering unparalleled coverage.

Plan Your Strategy

Our Tracker® products provide you with the market intelligence to:

  • Know if your company is gaining or losing share to competitors
  • Identify topics for press releases on your market position
  • Analyze and create internal models based on historical time series data sets
  • Set accurate quotas for your sales team
  • Recognize the areas of opportunity within a specific technology market

What Our Customers Are Saying

"We use this data every month to identify where we can put our
business and where we should avoid. It always works out."


IDC’s North America Distribution Tracker

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Why Use IDC Tracker®?

  • Measure market share performance
  • Track the competition's digital footprint
  • Stay informed of NA distribution sales

What Key Roles Does Tracker® Help Support?

  • Market Intelligence
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Product Marketing

Your single source for trusted, global ICT market data.

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