Improve Your Partner Influence and Investment

Through IDC’s Partnering practice, we work with you to identify, evaluate and recruit partners.

Actionable Partner Intelligence, Competitive Channel Insights and Tools

Our team provides actionable partner intelligence, competitive channel insights and tools to help you manage successful partnering programs. The goal is to improve influence with partners and maximize the return on business partnering investment.

We help you:

  • Identify channel partners in your segments that will help you achieve sales objectives
  • Set up a framework to evaluate the best channel partners for your goals
  • Optimize your partner marketing strategy for enhanced effectiveness, driving increased revenue

Create High Impact Partner Marketing Programs

We help clients with a proven partner methodology and approach.

  • Optimal Targeting

    • Define Best Partners
    • Provide Partner Data
    • Prioritize and Short List Partners
  • Faster To Market

    • Improve Recruitment Rates
    • Save time with Mature Partners
    • Shorten Sales Cycle
  • Measurable Results

    • Increase Revenue
    • Reduce Costs
    • Competitive Insights
IDC’s Partner Program diagram

Your Trusted Path To Driving Business Growth

Elevate your partner marketing strategy by crafting a thriving partner ecosystem that starts with precise partner network data, guiding you in the strategic selection and organization of optimal channel partners. Watch collaboration unfold seamlessly, cultivating sustainable growth for your business.

IDC’s Partner Program diagram description

There are two circles. In the center of the circle on the left it reads: 400,00+ partners, multiple partners interconnected to multiple vendors. This circle is connected to the circle on the right with an interior that reads, 2,000+ partners, multiple vendors interconnected to multiple partners. These circles point to a rectangle box with text inside that reads: Classified by: - partner type, industries served, revenue band, employee band, technology scope, technology coverage, cloud capability, years in business, geo coverage (region, province, country, state). All aligned to IDC taxonomy.

Pinpoint the Right Channel Partners for Your Business

Unleash Unprecedented Growth and Accelerate Your Go-To-Market Strategy

  • Partner Shortlist

  • Partner Shortlist with Profiles

Data: Operational Advantage or Strategic Imperative

Technology suppliers need accurate market data to help them size and analyze markets, identify and capitalize on sales opportunities, evaluate partnerships and alliances, and hone operational best practices.

Improve your influence with partners and maximize return on your partnering investment