Anticipate Buying Patterns and Purchase Drivers

Obtain actionable insights on the buying patterns and purchase drivers of your technology decision makers.

Decode Consumer Choices with Insightful Buyer Behavior Research

Organizations need to make informed product development and marketing decisions. IDC's Buyer Behavior practice combines primary research with extensive technology expertise.

We help you:

  • Discern your buyers' changing behavior and new purchase journey
  • Determine how best to market your solutions
  • Gauge customer experience and partner satisfaction
  • Evaluate brand equity and improve customer experience

Understand Buyer Intent and Drive Engagement

Custom primary research combined with extensive technology expertise

  • Pre-Market Product Development

    • Identify purchase drivers
    • IT budget allocation
    • Offer optimization
    • Pricing and forecasting
  • Market Launch Segmentation

    • Market segmentation
    • Persona development
    • Customer profiling
    • Routes to market
  • In-Market Path to Purchase

    • Understand your buyers' new purchase journey
    • Triggers and touchpoints
    • Identify influencers
    • Align your channels
  • Evaluate Current Brand Equity

    • Brand tracking
    • Brand equity index
    • Brand permission
    • Message testing
  • Improve Customer Experience

    • Customer loyalty
    • Partner satisfaction
    • Sales surveys
  • Ready to advance your business strategy?

A Response to Recession Warnings

The insight to fuel your playbook during turbulent economic times lies in understanding the research available, and addressing spending patterns shifts and changing buyer behavior. This is the insight that can fuel your playbook during a very turbulent economic time.

Increase credibility and influence with your buyers