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The Future Enterprise will rethink the way work gets done. The Future of Work model focuses on the fundamental shift in the work model to one that fosters human-machine collaboration, enables new skills and worker experiences, and supports an intelligent and dynamic environment unbounded by time or physical space. Work transformation is critical for effectively scaling digital transformation initiatives.

IDC Best in Future of Work North America Awards

IDC is seeking applications for successful Future of Work projects and initiatives in North America for its Best in Future of Work North America Awards. Specifically, IDC is looking for details on implemented initiatives (pilots or projects) as opposed to ideas or planned initiatives. IDC's 2022 Best in Future of Work North America Awards will be presented to the winning initiatives at an awards ceremony in February 2022.

This award recognizes that, globally, organizations are experiencing seismic changes in where and how they work: how technology is changing work culture, digital and physical workspaces, and the ways in which humans and machines collaborate to get work done.

Winners are recognized for deploying an agile and scalable approach to work that drives new value and competitive differentiation for the organization. This includes, but is not limited to, a dynamic, location-independent work environment, a reimagined workplace, adoption of intelligent technologies to augment human tasks and experience, adaptive learning systems, and the establishment of a culture of trust and empathetic leadership.

Primary requirements of all nominations are:
  1. Must be a Future of Work initiative as defined by IDC.
  2. All nominations must be in production with existing customers/users.
  3. Must be able to articulate and show key performance indicators to ascribe value to completed project.
  4. Note: IT Vendors and Technology Consultants do not qualify for the IDC Future Enterprise Awards. Vendors may instead nominate completed projects on behalf of their clients. Please provide confirmation from the client that they wish to participate in the awards program.

The IDC Future Enterprise awards program is focused on identifying those organizations who have successfully leveraged technology within their entities to address one of the nine key C-Suite agenda items of the digital economy. While we recognize many leading edge technology projects are taking place in organizations that supply technology to the market (e.g. IT suppliers/technology vendors and their channel partners), this awards program is focused on organizations where the primary means for generating revenue is not from technology products or services.


Deadline for completed nomination forms is August 20, 2021.

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If you have questions regarding your entry, please contact Heather Ball at

Apply for the Best in IDC Future of Work North America Awards


Award Categories

  • Culture

    A work culture that encourages an employee-centric approach to continuous innovation and is defined by organizational agility, empathetic leadership and outcome-focused approaches to management. Organizations can support hybrid work across a distributed, heterogenous and multi-generational workforce offering frictionless access to key resources and dynamic learning in the flow of work.

  • Augmentation

    Enables and embraces the new "digital worker" (i.e., technologies such as AI, robotics, process automation, and AR/VR). This includes full automation as well as extension of human capabilities. Automation helps off-load repetitive, mundane tasks from human workers, allowing workers to focus on higher value activities and innovation.

  • Space

    The digital work environment must be intelligent and dynamic, connected and secure, and independent of a physical place or specific time of day. Corporate facilities leverage technology and intelligence to create a safe and healthy environment. This includes deployment of an “intelligent digital workspace”, i.e., an AI-enabled, federated environment, customized for the worker that provides the resources (including collaborators) required for the individual to accomplish their job, minimizing context switching and low-value activities.

Apply for the Best in IDC Future of Work North America Awards