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It's all in scope with IDC's IT Executive Programs (IEP)

The IEP team of concierge customer service reps and analysts operate as proactive and trusted advisors.  You get up-to-date unbiased research for every stage of your technology implementation, Industry-specific advice from analysts around the globe, and quick response times. All the downloads and analyst calls you need are included. 

Benefits of IDC's IT Executive Programs

When you sign up for IDC’s IT Executive Programs, nothing stands in the way of the technology information and planning tools you need for a successful Digital Transformation.

How it Works

What you get with IDC

Subscribers to IDC’s IT Executive Programs get unlimited access to IDC analysts and Tech Buyer research documents.

What you don't get with IDC

Poor customer service,
limits on analyst access and more money for every download.

Data-based Unbiased Research

We're devoted to helping organizations transform. IDC DecisionScape methodologies and our Digital Transformation (DX) expertise means we provide the right information for every stage of your needs.

With IDC, you get access to all the documents you need from our research library. No worrying about additional charges for downloads. No matter where you are on your technology roadmap, IDC will give you research for your vertical based on real data and a rigorous research methodology.

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Global Analysts with Local Knowledge

IDC resources include access to over 1300 analysts specializing in technologies and industries across the globe.

With operations in dozens of countries, there’s always an analyst close to you with both global knowledge and local experience. Even better, there are no arbitrary limits on your call time.

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Personalized Customer Service

Our concierge customer relationship managers are research experts who operate as partners to give you a personalized and quick response.

Every IDC IT Executive Programs subscription comes with a personal customer relationship manager who proactively seeks out resources and connects you to our analyst teams. We ensure that you have access to what you need – no matter where you are in planning or geography.

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Make Data-Driven Decisions

Every business wants to know the landscape and gain insights to improve decision making and reduce risk.
With IDC’s IT Executive Programs, you'll have unlimited access to the information that will help you
solve today's challenges while you keep ahead of the curve and discover something new.

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A quote by:  Director of Research, Healthcare Services and Strategy Firm

IDC exhibits incredible customer service. They know my agenda and are basically an extension of my research team.

A quote by:  CIO, State University

Research is both relevant and comprehensive around the subjects they cover. I just got new IDC DecisionScape stuff—looks like a 15 out of 10 for what I am looking for. Looks like exactly what I've been looking for a decade in IT materials.

A quote by:  IT Manager, Top 10 Bank

IDC is a great partner; they go above and beyond. They are very proactive. The variation of information about the same topic, IDC MarketScapes, IDC FutureScapes and depth of resources on a particular topic is pretty deep.

A quote by:  CMO, Retail Performance and Security

For me in retail, what I like about IDC (unlike other firms like them) is they have a lot of retail specific expertise. The model is user friendly so we get multiple seats amd access. With Gartner, it's my personal license so it's all me.

A quote by:  CMO, Retail Performance and Security

My client service manager is responsive and can find a needle in a haystack. She's very flexible and serves things up to me. Client services is a differentiator for IDC.

A quote by:  Director, Enterprise Software

If a colleague is in the energy industry, I would definitely recommend IDC. IDC research is spot on with where we see the industry going. We get a lot of value from the research & analysts. I like the new service - research access is excellent now.

A quote by:  Director, Enterprise Software

When we first renewed, I was amazed... I couldn’t believe how much access we had.

A quote by:  Director, Enterprise Software

I have always received a lot of value from time spent with analysts. They are always willing to get on a call on short notice to discuss some market trend or industry that we are interested in and that’s been very valuable.

A quote by:  IT Enterprise Architect, Agribusiness

We did a workshop with some analysts and got really strong reviews. An analyst from France was really strong on mobile computing and helped us set our strategy and roadmap.

A quote by:  IT Enterprise Architect, Agribusiness

Whenever I made a request for anything the response was very quick and just what I was looking for.

A quote by:  Business Development and Strategy Manager, Healthcare Insurance

IDC's core differentiation is their understanding of the technology space and healthcare industry.

A quote by:  Director, IT Project Management, Consumer Beauty Products Manufacturer

IDC research is more personalized than some of the other firms that are more well known. IDC seems to dig in and be more specific to your problem and goals.

A quote by:  Chief Technology Strategist, Network, Security & Data Company

Every analyst I have spoken with has been really good. We invite them back to speak at our events. Knowledgeable, relevant, practical real-world experience and they are in touch.

A quote by:  EVP, Global Technology PR and Marketing Firm

The IDC differentiator is the quality of research and benchmarking, which is super helpful. The knowledge of analysts on different topics and different industries is also a strength. They are well versed on the landscape in the industries we work in.

A quote by:  IT Manager, Global Supply Chain, Surgical Equipment Manufacturing

IDC prepares high quality, very well written, thoughtful research. IDC takes things a step ahead and into another level of detail.

A quote by:  IT Director, Global IT Delivery and Operations, Accessories and Clothing Retailer

IDC analysts are pretty strong in a number of areas. They go beyond technology and try to understand business and how technology is plugged in.

A quote by:  IT Director, Global IT Delivery and Operations, Accessories and Clothing Retailer

We needed a concierge service, someone to help find the right research. IDC does this and separates themselves in that degree.

A quote by:  Research Director, Global Digital Marketing and PR

IDC's global footprint is stronger than others. A key strength is the depth in the areas of technology that matter for us and our clients.

A quote by:  Director, Product and Market Strategy, Healthcare Software and Tech services

IDC stands out because of their analysts. They are super transparent with us about what they are seeing in the market & they have a good handle on what is going on in the space.

A quote by:  Director, Product and Market Strategy, Healthcare Software and Tech services.

IDC is easy to work with. I love that the packages are comprehensive for the organization and not as restrictive as some competitors. Coverage is very relevant to our space.

A quote by:  Director, Market Insights, Global IT Services Consulting

Global research is a key strength. They have a group of top-notch analysts and their approachability helps the customer experience. I can’t imagine doing my job without them.

A quote by:  Director, Market Insights, Global IT Services Consulting

We have a very good relationship with IDC as far as a customer-client relationship. Their research is good, the work the analysts do is superb, and they are very responsive. We also have a major project with the consulting group which is key to what we do.

A quote by:  VP, Digital Experience, Global Credit Services Provider

IDC brings multiple analysts to some of the calls which I like. It becomes a good group discussion as opposed to listening to a presentation or one person’s point of view. Being global, we really factor a global point of view into our decisions and actions.

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