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  • CIO Sentiment Survey: Finding the North Star in a Turbulent Environment

    In this eBook, CIOs will obtain valuable insights and strategies needed to keep systems flexible in order to adapt to their ever-changing business needs

  • Future CIO Strategies for Digital-First Leaders Amidst a Volatile World

    In this eBook, IDC offers leadership insights for CIOs as they work to implement optimal digital business strategies to lead IT, as well as their businesses, to greater levels of success.

  • Forging Business-Impact KPIs for the Digital-First Enterprise

    IT organizations must once again reinvent themselves to adapt and align with the requirements of the emerging Future Enterprise where IT is the business, and the future of IT is the future of the enterprise. Rethinking the IT organization requires a new set of business-impact KPIs that drive digital transformation and measure your organization’s core cultural, business, process, technology, and staffing initiatives to achieve business outcomes and keep your teams focused.

  • Digital Leadership Team Solution

    IDC's Digital Leadership Team Solution combines the power of a C-level community with accelerated leadership development programs, future-focused research and advisory services, and frictionless, flexible access to the full scope of IDC's resources for technology leaders. Discover how the Digital Leadership Team Solution can help CIOs and their teams accelerate digital maturity and build the foundation for Future Enterprise and digital business leadership.

  • Future CIO: Leadership First For a Changed World

    The Future CIO is grounded in today’s realities and tomorrow’s possibilities — leading IT and the enterprise into the future. Discover the critical abilities that attribute to a CIO’s success

  • Future IT: The Operating System of the Future Enterprise

    Read this eBook to learn how to reinvent your IT organization to deliver the capabilities of a successful, competitive, and adaptable future enterprise.

  • Understanding The C-Suite Agenda: Technology Leadership in the Future Enterprise

    CIOs have arrived at a crucial inflexion point in the history of the role. In this eBook, learn what CIOs will need to do to make the leap from trusted technology service provider to strategic business partner in the Future Enterprise.

  • Building a Comprehensive Cybersecurity Program with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

    Read this eBook for a better understanding of how to manage cybersecurity with Security NIST.

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