Data & Analytics Team

Deanna Tan

Research Analyst

Avis Hong

Associate Research Director

Sachin Kamgonda Birajdar

Senior Research Analyst

Anmol Bajaj

Research Analyst

Geoffrey Wilbur

Research Manager, Imaging, Printing and Document Solutions

Nigel Wallis

Research VP, Americas Industry Insights

Roberto Membrila

Program Manager, CI&A, Latin America

Vinay Gupta

Research Director

Andrea Siviero

Research Director, MacroTech, Digital Business, and Future of Work

Angela Vacca

Senior Research Manager, Data and Analytics, Europe

Carla La Croce

Senior Research Analyst, Data and Analytics, Europe

David Lantsman

Research Manager, Data & Analytics

Eileen Smith

Program Vice President, Customer Insights & Analysis

Jessica Goepfert

Group Vice President, Data & Analytics

Marcus Torchia

Research Vice President, Data & Analytics

Deepika Giri

Associate Vice President

Monika Kumar

Group Vice President & General Manager, IDC Data & Analytics

Pavel Roland

Research Director, Storage, Systems & Infrastructure Solutions, CEMA

Serena Da Rold

Associate Research Director, IDC Data & Analytics

Stephen Minton

Program Vice President, Data & Analytics

Thomas Meyer

General Manager and Group Vice President, IDC Europe

Roman Maceska

Group Vice President, Data Management Strategy

Ivana Slaharova

Senior Research Manager, Data and Analytics, Europe

Takashi Manabe

Group Director, Software/Service Solutions, Data & Analytics, IDC Japan

Ondrej Mosna

Research Analyst

Stacey Soohoo

Research Manager

Craig Simpson

Senior Research Manager, Customer Insights & Analysis

Xueqing Zhang

Senior Market Analyst

Stefano Perini

Research Manager, Data and Analytics, Europe

Karen Massey

Research Director, Data & Analytics

Giorgio Nebuloni

VP, Data and Analytics Lead, EMEA Region

Jebin George

Senior Research Manager, Software, Cloud, and Industry Transformation, IDC MEA

Eman Elshewy

Research Manager, Customer Insights and Analysis (META), IDC

Philip Wirth

Research Manager, Customer Insights & Analysis

Andrea Minonne

Research Manager, Data and Analytics, Europe

Hana Chmelova

Senior Research Analyst, Retail Insights & Customer Insights and Analysis, Central and Eastern Europe

Lubomir Dimitrov

Research Manager, Data and Analytics, Europe

Neli Vacheva

Research Manager, Data and Analytics, Europe

Giulia Carosella

European Digital Transformation Practice Lead, IDC

Eric A. Prothero

Senior Vice President, Data & Analytics

Ryan Caskey

Research Manager, BuyerView Operations, Worldwide Infrastructure Research

New Research

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    • Geoffrey Wilbur Loading
    • Keith Kmetz Loading
    This IDC study provides vendor market shares for the printer and MFP market for 2023."Print vendors faced a year of mixed blessings in 2023. The year began with pent-up demand as vendors were able to ship backlogged orders that had accumula...
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    • Mark Schrutt Loading
    • Nigel Wallis Loading
    This IDC Market Presentation explores the future of digital infrastructure for the Canadian financial services sector. It emphasizes cloud technologies, operational efficiency, and the challenges faced by these institutions in digital trans...
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    • Leslie Hand Loading
    • Nigel Wallis Loading
    This IDC Market Presentation aims to provide technology suppliers with an overview of the key business trends shaping the Americas Food, Grocery, and Convenience Stores/Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) retail industry in 2024. The key tren...
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    • Nitesh Rathi Loading
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    • Uzair Mujtaba Loading
    AWS's investment to create a cloud region in Saudi Arabia is a win-win situation. A local datacenter is essential for data residency, which is especially important for more regulated industries. Having several hyperscalers in the kingdom wi...
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    • Ritu Jyoti Loading
    This IDC Tech Buyer Presentation provides a decision tree framework that lays out path for evaluating the cost, timing, and skills factors across the full spectrum of consume/construct options. It provides deeper insights into the additiona...
  • By:  Karen Massey Loading

    This IDC study provides a detailed description of IDC Retail Insights' taxonomy and is intended to be a companion document to the IDC Worldwide Retail Industry Spending Guide. This structure provides the foundation for research and retail t...
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    • Deepika Giri Loading
    • Swapnil Shende Loading
    • Karthik Umachigi
    This IDC Presentation includes insights from the perspectives of C-suite leaders regarding technology investments, its impacts, strategy execution, and challenges. Asia/Pacific organizations are driving digital initiatives through various t...
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    • Swapnil Shende Loading
    • Deepika Giri Loading
    • Akshay Arun Gulhane
    This IDC study presents a five-year forecast for the BDA software market from 2022 to2027. It represents IDC's inaugural forecast for this market and uses 2022 as the baseline year."In the ever-evolving landscape of data-driven innovation, ...
  • By: 

    • Karthik Umachigi
    • Deepika Giri Loading
    • Swapnil Shende Loading
    This IDC Perspective explores the development of multimodal capabilities through vector databases in generative AI (GenAI). It delves into constructing a GenAI ecosystem, ranging from establishing the data layer to highlighting the signific...
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    • Eman Elshewy Loading
    • Roberto Membrila Loading
    This IDC study provides a detailed description of IDC's Worldwide Big Data and Analytics (BDA) Spending Guide methodology and taxonomy. It should be used as a companion piece for IDC's Worldwide BDA Spending Guide and all of IDC's worldwide...

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