Latin America IT Spending and Vertical Markets Team

Renata Bevilacqua

Consultant, Demand-Side Insights, Latin America

Natalia Vega

Country Manager, Chile and Peru

Daniel Zegarra

Manager, Emerging Markets, Latin America

Pietro Delai

Research Director, Latin America Enterprise Infrastructure and Cloud Services, Worldwide Infrastructure Research

New Research

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    This IDC study provides a comprehensive overview and definitions for wearable devices. The definitions provided in this document represent the scope of IDC's wearable device hardware research.This taxonomy outlines market segmentations and ...
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    This IDC study provides a comprehensive overview and definitions for AR/VR headsets. The definitions provided in this document represent the scope of IDC's AR/VR headsets hardware research.This taxonomy outlines market segmentations and mea...
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    This IDC Perspective discusses Zoho's annual analyst event in 2024, focused on the company's long-term growth strategy and corporate culture. The company's approach includes investing in local education, targeting rural communities for busi...
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    This IDC Perspective discusses IDC's Future of Digital Infrastructure framework, updated for 2024, that provides enterprise decision-makers with an updated view on how emerging innovations and disruptions across the digital infrastructure l...
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    This IDC Market Perspective examines digital sovereignty initiatives in Latin America (Latam), delving into the evolution of the topic in the region's largest economy, Brazil. In Latin America, the strong economic diversity and the lack of ...
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    This IDC study provides 2024 top 10 predictions for digital business strategies. These predictions provide guidance for organizations to mature as digital businesses in the next five years. They also lay out IDC’s vision for the 10 most imp...
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    The digital business era may be defined as the shift from digital transformation to innovating as a daily practice, as well as monetizing new products and services. To get there, companies must change their mindset to adopt data and custome...
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    Becoming a digital business is a multifaceted journey that impacts all areas of the organization. Organizations must embrace modernization and the digital business era to grow and thrive in the new Latin American and global economy. Enterpr...
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    This IDC study provides an assessment of Latin America cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provider through the IDC MarketScape model.For the first IDC MarketScape developed in Latin America region, we focused on a great growing market...
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    Vendors continue to express interest in the distribution channel. Especially, cloud platform vendors are interested in securing cloud commits that enhance their value and attract third-party intellectual property (IP) that complements their...

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