IDCServices Contracts Database

Build Your Sales Pipeline

Companies today have been tasked with doing more with fewer resources.

Gain an edge with our world-class Services Contracts Database. Work smarter and more efficiently with updated real-time services contracts to build your sales pipeline.

Stay In the Know About Deal Activity

Our IT and business contracts will help your business leaders:

  • Penetrate specific industries and accounts
  • Benchmark to assist in proposal generation and negotiations
  • Understand competitors’ capabilities and footprint
  • Add analysis to sales territory development and partner tracking & assessment

What Our Customers Are Saying

We’ve been impressed by the aggressive growth of the product, look forward to
how you continue to develop the dataset and capabilities.

Why Use IDC’s Services Contracts Database?

  • Efficiently develop accounts
  • Reduce sales time
  • Identify specific deals to bid on
  • Influence services firms with your technology

What Key Roles Does Services Contracts Database Support?

  • Sales
  • Product Management
  • Business Development

Services Contracts Database: Worldwide

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