Future of Industry Ecosystems

Build open, agile and scalable
ecosystems that encourage innovation

In the Future of Industry Ecosystems, an organization’s ability to generate value will increasingly be tied to its participation in a new digital economy. New business models will emerge, accompanied by new customer requirements and ways of operating, that will spur the creation of new, scaled up digital ecosystems that leverage software platforms to deliver scale and speed.

Inside the Future of Industry Ecosystems

The Future of Industry Ecosystems leverage shared data, applications, operations, and expertise — expanding upon the platform, sharing economy built during the past five years. The segments of sharing across an industry ecosystem encompass the following:

Sharing data and insights to ensure security, reduce fraud, improve functional safety and security, spur mission-critical innovations, and encourage cross-ecosystem reporting.

Source: What Is the Future of Industry Ecosystems? (IDC #US46828520)

Sharing new applications to enable data and insights, improve operational efficiency, and create better customer experiences.

Sharing operations and expertise so that organizations can scale their capability and capacity for new products and services to meet market, customer, and consumer needs.

Each of these shared elements of the future of industry ecosystems complements and enhances the other, producing a multiplier, platform effect that results in improved innovation, intelligence, customer experience, and trust.

Research Programs and Custom Solutions

Future of Industry Ecosystems Research Programs

Future of Industry Ecosystems drives the research agenda for many IDC research programs. Key topics include:

  • Shared Data/Insights, Apps, Operations/Expertise
  • Cross Industry Collaboration
  • Establishing Trust
  • Ecosystem-Driven Innovation
  • Impact by Industry

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Custom Solutions for Future of Industry Ecosystems

From industry InfoBriefs and White Papers to webcasts and other virtual events, IDC works with you to develop custom content backed by our research and analysis expertise. IDC can help you with:

  • Buyer Conversation – Deliver your message to the right person in the right format.
  • Thought Leadership – Amplify your message and become a trusted Future of Industry Ecosystem advisor and solution provider.
  • Business Value – Provide financial justification for your technology solutions, tying them to customer KPIs.
  • Sales Enablement – Educate and empower your sales team to deliver industry- and buyer-focused messages to monetize engagements.

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