IDC4EU at the IoT Week 2022

Jun 27, 2022

IDC4EU at the IoT Week 2022

The IDC4EU team has spent a week in Dublin for the IoT Week 2022. 


On day one, Giorgio Micheletti, Consulting Director at IDC4EU and Golboo Pourabdollahian Consulting Manager,  moderated a panel discussion on Drivers and Barriers for Adoption of Digital PlatformsThe panel was organized by OPEN DEI project and aimed at discussing the drivers and barriers for adoption of digital platforms across domains such as manufacturing, healthcare, energy and agrifood as well as providing a cross-domain vision on the topic.


The second day started by a panel on IoT and Tourism Data Spaces with Nuria De Lama, Consulting Director at the IDC4EU team. The Tourism data spaces are the new challenge for the tourism industry. The collection, analysis and use of data that comes from heterogeneous sources is today’s top priority. Technological challenges, the implementation of real use cases and the business models behind tourism data spaces are some of the issues were discussed in this session. 


Later on Giorgio Micheletti participated to a panel on Trustworthy in Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare domain and Nuria de Lama moderated a session on European Federation of Data-driven Innovation Hubs. This session brought a very attractive set of panelists with experience in running infrastructures and facilities for data-driven experimentation that shared best practices and lessons learned from the joint work carried out between the hubs and the experimenters (mostly SMEs).


On day three, our colleagues joined a morning session on Macro Trends that will change the strategy of your organization with a keynote speaker from the European Commission, Max Lemke. Head of Unit for Internet of Things in Directorate General CONNECT. Richard Stevens, Associate Vice-President of the IDC4EU Consulting team, spoke on a panel on the Future European platforms for the IoT and Edge: Meta Operating Systems.


The last day was also a busy one, with plenty of engagements.  It started off with a panel discussion on Challenges of IoT and Edge Computing for European Industry, the session focused on the economic potential of Edge Computing in the context of the next-generation IoT by providing an analysis of Europe’s economic opportunities, covering its environmental, energy, and green potential.


The day continued with a panel discussion on the Power of Digital Platforms to reshape the business. This panel was also organized by OPEN DEI project in collaboration with EU-IoT project and AIOTI project. During the panel the results of a Business model co-design workshop for digital platforms organized in May 2022 to provide support to OPEN DEI projects to develop a first archetype of business model for four different domains of manufacturing, agrifood, energy and healthcare were presented.


The last session of the IoT Week focused on Energy Architectures in Data Exchange Frameworks with Giorgio Micheletti. During this session the panelists analyzed the current status and the ongoing path towards the effective data exchange in the energy sector, including its cross-sectorial aspects. Key building blocks for data exchange have been integrated in architecture of various initiatives, deploying relevant concepts towards the data spaces adoption.


Projects Covered

OPEN DEI , European Data Market , UNLOCK CEI

Topics Covered

Digital Transformation (DX) , Big Data , UNLOCK

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