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Request Membership Share knowledge about new and emerging security topics in a confidential IDC network with Europe's leading CISOs. You enjoy listening, learning and contributing — you have much to give and you understand that by giving you get more in return. You know that being on top of security challenges is crucial for your business and your ideas flourish when you interact with other inspirational people.

Reasons to Join the IDC European CISO Hub

Members of the CISO Hub are handpicked for their personal commitment and for being security leaders in their industry. This is a community that sees the responsibility of the CISO broadening to focus on pushing security innovation forward, a remit that is much larger than traditional security discussions. Members see security as the business enabler for their company and their industry and have the courage to lead the way.

In practice, IDC hosts the group virtually once a month, and we invite you to join us online to discuss a security topic, technology, or trend with the leading analyst in the field. We will discuss experiences, draw parallels, and see the world in a different light, enabling participants to relate perspectives to their own situations and discuss ideas with peers of the same caliber.

The CISO Hub is a confidential network in which we use the Chatham House Rule (i.e., participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the other participant may be revealed) to encourage free discussion and collective knowledge sharing.

Join the IDC European

A community that meets virtually once a month to discuss IDC’s thought-leading security research and connect it to key challenges of the CISO community. Use this as an opportunity to tap into IDC’s latest market insights being discussed by Europe’s leading CISOs — a unique framework for the confidential exchange of insights and opinions.

The IDC European Security Research Team

Richard Thurston

Research Manager, European Security Services

Dave Clemente leads IDC’s C-Suite Tech Agenda research in Europe, with a primary focus on analyzing and assessing tech spending and buyer preferences.

David Clemente

Research Director, European C-Suite Tech Agenda

As research director for IDC's European Security practice, Joel Stradling leads the content and analyst team for tracking the European security segment.

Joel Stradling

Research Director, European Security

Mark Child is research manager for IDC’s European Security group. Mark has a specific focus on Endpoint Security and Identity and Digital Trust (IDT).

Mark Child

Research Manager, EuropeanSecurity

Duncan Brown leads European research for the Software, Services, Cloud, AccAD, and AI/IPA areas, as well as the Channels and Ecosystems research teams.

Duncan Brown

VP of Enterprise Research Europe

Ralf Helkenberg is a research manager with the European security research team, responsible for leading IDC’s European Privacy and Data Security research practice.

Ralf Helkenberg

Research Manager, European Privacy and Data Security

As research manager for IDC’s European Security group, Romain has a specific focus on network security and the security technologies linked to the extended enterprise such as IoT, Edge and IT/OT convergence.

Romain Fouchereau

Research Manager, European Security

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