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Build a successful go-to-market strategy, understand your opportunities, and demonstrate your value to customers and investors.

We understand the unique pressures you are facing as a technology disruptor to carve out a space in the market, establish your brand and increase your customer base.

We empower you to shape your competitive positioning, build messaging that will resonate with your key audience, and help you create a strategy that maximises your business’ potential.

From concept to customer, we can help your business at every stage of your journey.

IDC provides you with industry leading data, research, and access to market experts to support you in:

  • Identifying growth opportunities and lead generation
  • Accessing the market and engaging partners
  • Demonstrating the value of your products and services to investors and customers
  • Building fact-based, impactful, go-to-market strategies

How can IDC help your business grow?

Essential Building Blocks for an Effective Growth Strategy

Businesses are facing many factors such as price rises, inflation and supply chain issues that are impacting their growth. Strategy is key to success in uncertain and changing markets. In this eBook we look at the key building blocks to include in your strategy to help you build towards growth.

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We can help you to:

  • Get/present a clear picture of your market
  • Access and engage with Senior level executives with influencing/purchasing authority
  • Identify where the growth opportunities are
  • Know which industries, geographies and personas you should target
  • Create market-specific research-driven content relevant to your audience
  • Know where you stand against key competitors
  • Provide independent data to support investor business cases and secure VC funding
  • Shortlist potential partners

IDC have programmes built to help start-ups, scales ups, disruptors, and emerging tech companies to build trust in their brand, expand reach and drive lead generation and revenue.

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