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Access new and emerging Retail topics with Europe’s leading Retail leaders

Unlock insider knowledge on the hottest retail trends with a network of Europe's top retail leaders. Love to listen, learn, and share? So do we! By contributing, you gain even more in return. Stay ahead of the competition and watch your ideas soar by connecting with other inspiring minds.

Reasons to Join the European Retail Hub

Access IDC’s Retail Industry Insights: members of the Retail Hub are leading personas and representatives of the retail and brand companies all over Europe and globally. Member can apply for becoming IDC’s industry events’ Advisor Board members.

Join IDC’s initiatives and interactions moments: do not miss the opportunity to join one of IDC’s Retail Insights bi-annual virtual roundtables, gain access to exclusive research contents and interact with different retail industry analysts.

Know your peers: Get to know like-minded executives in a niche network where experts and stakeholders can share opinions, experiences and latest updates on key initiatives and technologies implemented or evaluated.

Join the IDC European Retail Hub

A network of retail experts that interacts virtually among peers and analysts to share and discuss IDC’s thought-leading top retail trends, challenges, and opportunities. Joining IDC’s bi-annual virtual meeting to listen to IDC’s latest retail market insights in Europe and globally. Exchange your point of view and shape together the future of retail.

The IDC European Analysts Team

Roberta is the leader of the European industry research team at IDC. Her responsibilities encompass overseeing research coverage across the full range of sectors, including Energy & Utilities, Resources, Financial Services, Healthcare and Life Science, Government, Infrastructure and Transportation, Manufacturing, and Retail.

Roberta Bigliani

Group Vice President Industry Insights

Ornella Urso is Head of IDC's Retail Insights team and leads the Customer Experience research group in Europe. Urso conducts market research, industry analysis, and proactively contributes to the definition of thought-leadership at the intersection of businesses priorities and technology innovation in B2C and D2C strategy companies.

Ornella Urso

Head of Retail Insights

Filippo Battaini is Research Manager at IDC Retail Insights. Filippo leads IDC Retail Insights: Worldwide Retail eCommerce and Direct-to-Consumer Strategies program and contributes to IDC Retail Insights: Worldwide Retail Industry Market Intelligence program.

Filippo Battaini

Research Manager, Retail Insights

Sofia Poggi is a research analyst for IDC Retail Insights Europe. She contributes to the Worldwide Customer Experience Strategies program and to the Worldwide Retail Commerce and D2C Strategies research.

Sofia Poggi

Research Analyst, Retail Insights

Cristiano Quattrini

Associate Senior Advisor, Retail Insights

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