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In today’s evolving digital world, the most competitive companies are connecting to tools and data like never before with IDC Metri’s extensive database, automated platform and leading experts and analysts.

Did you know that ...

of IT suppliers operate at maturity level 1 or 2 (out of 5) with regard to their Estimation & Performance Measurement processes

cost and schedule overrun is not unlikely if the estimates are too optimistic

of clients choose the cheapest bidder without finding out how realistic the estimate is

Turn IT Facts Into Value

We know your problems and how to solve them:

30% of IT organizations pay too much for their internal IT services

10 million+ cost data points for assessment

Poor structural code quality affects security and stability

50% defect reduction during test phase

30% of Cloud costs are wasted expenses

10% lower costs and 5% higher quality

Low maturity project cost estimation and change management budgeting

30% savings

Regain Control Of Your Technology Management And IT Spending


How to Measure Business Value for Agile Teams

When standard Agile development is out-of-control and more expensive than it should be, most companies want a better grip on Agile. Download the IDC Metri eBook to learn about the way that we’ve developed to help you keep control on cost, time to market and quality while your organization moves forward in an Agile way.

A Management Primer To Managing Agile Development

Organizations will overcome challenges in quantifying Agile value by embracing a solution that assesses, benchmarks and course corrects Agile development teams. Through a case study example, this IDC Metri blog shows that it’s possible to apply a systematic, comprehensive, data-driven, and repeatable solution to quantity Agile value.

Learn More about Agile Value Management

Agile Value: How Can You Manage What You Can't Measure

Webinar | On-Demand

Join IDC Metri when we give our top three insights for enterprises to realize the full value of Agile development. The strategic guidance in this webinar includes:

  • How to gain predictability, control and visibility into high-profile Agile projects
  • How monitoring and assessing Agile teams can control budgets, increase delivery speed and quality and ensure a minimum viable product
  • How building quantitative performance metrics into supplier contracts delivers improved cost, quality and performance from third-party development partners

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