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IDC Intranet Delivery Service Help

What is the IDC Intranet Delivery Service?

The IDC Intranet Service provides IDC subscribers with access to their subscription research content in an easily downloaded format. The service has special terms and conditions of use.

To find out more about the service and how you may set it up for your own account, please contact your sales representative. If you are not currently a subscriber of IDC Continuous Intelligence Services, please contact IDC Sales at (508) 988-7988.

Getting Help

If you are having trouble connecting to your directory, or need an SFTP client, please contact your local network support for help. If you have any questions about the content in your SFTP directory, you may contact the IDC technical support line at:

In the U.S.: (800) 343-4952 ext. 4323
Outside the U.S.: (508) 935-4323
Via email:

IDC technical support is available 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. U.S. Eastern Standard Time. These lines are dedicated to supporting both and the IDC Intranet Delivery Service.

For assistance in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, please contact EMEA support via email at

Getting Started

You will need:

  • An SFTP client to use for downloading the files
  • A software utility program to unzip files
  • Internet access
  • The computer used to download the files must have reliable access to the Internet, and the access must be configured to initiate passive mode FTP downloads. Please consult with your local network administrators in advance of signing up for the service if you are unsure about your network configuration
  • Storage space from 100MB to 4GB

Please Note: Using an SFTP client to download files day by day is meant for testing and familiarizing only. We strongly recommend that the file download process be automated to avoid missing content.


Once you have agreed to the terms of the IDC Intranet Service, your Customer Service Representative sends the order to our Account Fulfillment group to set up an SFTP Account for you on our SFTP server.

You will be provided with a unique directory name as well as a username/password for access to your directory.

The server address toward which you may direct your SFTP client is


The following forms of IDC content are currently packaged for the Intranet Delivery Service. You must use the site to access other forms of IDC content.

  • Audio
  • Bulletin
  • Case Study
  • Current Event
  • Event Proceeding
  • Executive Brief
  • Flash
  • IDC DecisionScape
  • IDC Link
  • IDCFlash
  • Insight
  • Insights Flash
  • Insights Insight
  • Insights Pivot Table
  • Insights Prediction
  • Insights Update
  • Newsletter
  • Perspective
  • Pivot Table
  • Prediction
  • Presentation
  • Report
  • Special Report
  • Study
  • Update


IDC research is packaged on a regular schedule so you have access to the most up to date research on your intranet as well. The content is archived into appropriately named files:

Generated Tuesday through Saturday, available for download after 12pm EST.

Research published to M-F at 5pm EST is collected into IDC Intranet Delivery archives every night beginning at 2am EST the morning after it is published. So Monday research is available in the file on Tuesday, Tuesday`s research is available on Wednesday, etc. The file is not generated on Sunday or Monday.

Generated Tuesday through Saturday. The weekly contents, generated on a rolling 7-day collection, available for download after 12pm EST.

Research published into the file is rolled into the file every day, as the file is replaced. So Monday research is available in the file on Tuesday, Monday AND Tuesdays research is available on Wednesday, etc. IDC recommends downloading the file every week (between Saturday starting at 12pm through Monday evening) to ensure all content is collected.

generated Tuesday through Saturday. A rolling 30-day archive, which collects all research published during the previous 30 days into one file, available for download after 12pm EST.

All or Quarterly zip files

Every Sunday, a comprehensive archive called is generated (or slightly smaller archives segmented into quarterly segments; which are named for the quarters they represent, such as All research dating back 18 months for each service you subscribe to, is collected, beginning at 2am EST. Files are available for download by 12pm EST every Monday. You must download this comprehensive archive at the beginning of your service to ensure you have all back content for your subscriptions.

* Please note that, due to the file size, you may receive either the quarterly zip files, or the file, but not both.

Content Descriptions

When you connect with our SFTP server, you will see a directory structure similar to this:

  • all.htm
  • all.txt
  • allauto.txt
  • allbs.htm
  • day.htm
  • day.txt
  • dayauto.txt
  • daybs.htm
  • mth.htm
  • mth.txt
  • mthauto.txt
  • mthbs.htm
  • wk.htm
  • wk.txt
  • wkauto.txt
  • wkbs.htm

There are several files in addition to the zip archives in your directory that provide information about the contents of your directory. Some of these files are helpful in automating procedures to check for download errors if your FTP is scripted. Following is a list of files in your IDC Intranet directory and some descriptions of their purpose.

*.txt the all.txt, day.txt, wk.txt and mth.txt files provide a text formatted listing of the research documents contained in the corresponding zip file. Each "line" in the file contains one document. The publication date, document type, title, and author are also provided.

provides a list of all the document numbers in the zip file only. This is to allow our customers a listing that can easily be used to automate their intranet update process.

dayauto.txt, wkauto.txt, mthauto.txt, are examples of the auto text listing.

intra.htm intra1.htm, intra2.htm, intra3.htm, intra4.htm, intra5.htm and intra6.htm provide listings of the research documents contained in the corresponding zip file in an html-format for your web browser or Intranet page. Each intra.htm document offers a different sort of the documents: by service name, by document number, by title, by pub date, by recent research and by author. The intra.htm files are located within each of your .zip files.
xx.htm day.htm, mth.htm, wk.htm, all.htm and/or quarterly.htm all provide a list of all the documents in the zip file sorted by document id. Additional information such as the document title and the author is also available.
xxbs.htm daybs.htm, mthbs.htm, wkbs.htm, allbs.htm and/or quarterly bs.htm provide a list of all the documents in the zip file sorted by the service name.

In addition, you will find the default images for the IDC logo and the PDF logo (idclogo.gif and pdficon.gif) included in all of the zip files.

You can download any or all of the files in one session. Once you have the files on your local machine, use your password to unzip them and place them in the proper directories used by the HTTP server to serve them up on your Intranet. Please remember that your IDC subscription agreement prohibits distribution of these files via email or via posting to any web site where they are publicly accessible. If you wish to purchase IDC content for your web site, please contact your sales representative. If you have questions about your local Intranet, please contact your local network administrator

Please Note: Although it is not required, it is highly recommended that if you pick up your file, you also pick up either your or your on a regular (i.e. weekly or monthly) basis to guarantee that you get 100% of your content.

Republished Content

IDC reserves the right to republish documents at will. Republished documents will be included in your feeds along with any new documents.

Every year, IDC updates a number of their subscription program names. On January 1, any active (i.e. within 18 months of their pub date) documents that are published under the updated subscriptions will be republished to reflect the new names. Content within the documents will not change. The republished documents will appear in all feeds beginning the first week in January.

If you have any questions about this process or require assistance, please contact IDC Support via email at or at 1-800-343-4952 ext. 4323 in the US, or outside the US at 1-508-872-8200 ext. 4323.