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Filtering Search Results

Filters are an excellent way to refine your search if you have a lot of results. You will learn to use Quick Filters and Advanced Filters to reduce your results to only what you need.

Accessing Planned Research

The planned research section lets you look ahead to upcoming research. You will learn the various ways you can access planned research as well as how to filter and export your results.

Getting the Best Out of myIDC

The myIDC section gives you easy access to view only your research, set up preferences and customize your experience. You will learn to navigate through the available options, as well as other functions you may find useful, such as creating Alert notifications and using your bookcase.

How to Utilize the IDC Dashboard

The new personalized IDC Dashboard offers a consolidated view and easy customization of the following: custom alerts, curated must-read research by theme, research folders, and key analyst you wish to follow.