Semiconductors Team

Helen Chiang

General Manager, IDC Taiwan

Galen Zeng

Senior Research Manager, IDC Asia/Pacific

Adela Guo

Research Director

Shane Rau

Research Vice President, Computing Semiconductors

Brandon Hoff

Research Director, Enabling Technologies: Networking and Comm

Phil Solis

Research Director, Connectivity and Smartphone Semiconductors

Nina Turner

Research Director, Semiconductor Technology Supply Chain Intelligence; Enabling Technologies: AI and Automotive Semiconductors

Mario Morales

Group Vice President, Enabling Technologies and Semiconductors

Soo Kyoum Kim

Associate Vice President, Memory Semiconductors

Rudy Torrijos

Research Manager

Jeff Janukowicz

Research Vice President, Solid State Drives and Enabling Technologies

Edward Burns

Research Director, Hard Disk Drive and Storage Technologies

New Research

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    Arm announced its new Arm Cortex-M52 microcontroller (MCU) for the AI IoT market. This announcement extends Arm’s offerings for applications looking for high-efficiency AI on MCU platforms. This product is designed to bring AI to small IoT ...
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    This IDC Pivot Table examines the performance of the mobile phone application processor, tablet application processor, and PC microprocessor markets. The following data is provided quarterly starting from 1Q16:Market size in unitsVendor sha...
  • By:  Adela Guo Loading

    This IDC Market Perspective explores the China semiconductor design market size, drivers, number of companies, business allocation, and market challenges."The China market is going to face different challenges, such as resource allocation, ...
  • By:  Edward Burns Loading

    This IDC Market Presentation, which was given on November 15, 2023, summarizes the hard disk drive (HDD) market results for CY 3Q23. Significant market dynamics, trends, and events are summarized and evaluated in this presentation. Numerous...
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    This IDC Market Presentation analyzes the market forecast of automotive semiconductors by application and type, shares the development trends of automotive semiconductors, and provides suggestions to semiconductor players."Data from IDC's a...
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    This IDC Survey examines how enterprises are preparing for a new chapter of the digital business era: AI everywhere. The dramatic increase in awareness of generative AI (GenAI) in early 2023 triggered the dawn of this new chapter. In the se...
  • By:  Brandon Hoff Loading

    This IDC Market Presentation discusses the results for 1Q23 for networking and communications infrastructure processing semiconductors. This Market Presentation covers the overall networking and communications infrastructure semiconductor m...
  • By:  Shane Rau Loading

    This IDC Pivot Table examines the performance of the PC microprocessor market. The following vendor and market data are provided quarterly starting from 1Q16:Market size in unitsVendor shares in unitsMarket size in revenueVendor shares in r...
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    This IDC Pivot Table provides worldwide industry solid state drive (SSD) quarterly unit shipments, revenue, and capacity shipped for the third calendar quarter of 2023, including supplier unit shipment, revenue, and capacity market share by...

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