Creating a Sustainable Digital
Economy in 2021 and Beyond

European organizations have gone through or are still progressing from crisis to recovery. To navigate the journey to what we call “the Future Enterprise”, organizations have to set their strategy along three critical stages:

  • Respond to the current crisis
  • be digitally Resilient to be prepared for whatever shock is on the horizon
  • Reignite to be sustainable, innovative, and future proof

Find out how by reading this eBook based around our predictions for 2021 and beyond.

IDC Europe's 10 Predictions

Prediction #1: In 2021, growth in digital investments in Europe will outstrip the rebound in GDP by a factor of three.

2021 Predictions Webinar

We have a unique opportunity to get the society back on its feet in a sustainable fashion, as technology underpins the business model of every organization in the future.

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