IDC FutureScape 2022

IDC FutureScape 2023: Pivoting to the Digital Business During Storms of Disruption in Europe

In the past few years, organizations have accelerated investments in digital transformation to navigate headwinds and crosswinds while leveraging tailwinds to drive business outcomes. In the current environment, when interconnected economic, political, and social disruptions are threatening organizational and business health, acting as a digital-first organization is a mandate for companies to survive and thrive in the digital business era.

Leveraging technology will be essential on this journey to create value (quickly) and become a digital business by reshaping organizational structures, evolving operational practices and rethinking business models.

Join the IDC European Analyst team to hear about the leading digital trends and key ICT market predictions that will characterize 2023 and beyond.

The Areas of Digital Business

  • Operations Model: Enhancing or transforming processes, enabling real-time visibility and insights as well as connected value chains.
  • Business Model: Creating and delivering value internally and with customers and ecosystems.
  • Organization Model: Organizations' structure and work organization; finding and managing talent and skills.

You Will Hear About

  • Navigating Storms of Disruption: Impacting companies’ operations, organization, and business models.
  • Connecting the Threads of the Digital Business: Survive and thrive.
  • Thriving in the Physical/Digital Future: Digital consumer habits and the digital enterprise (digital natives).

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