Mar 07, 2022


At the end of February, the European Commission presented the major regulation on data access and data use known as the Data Act. Following the Data Governance Act presented back in 2020, this new proposal is the second major legislative measure stemming from the European Data Strategy.

The Data Act intends to maximize the economic value of data by ensuring that a broader range of stakeholders have control over their data and that more data is available for new uses, all while maintaining incentives to engage in data development.

The proposal lays down specific objectives to facilitate access to and the use of data by consumers and businesses; provide for the use by public sector bodies of data held by enterprises in certain situations where there is an exceptional data need; facilitate switching between cloud and edge services; put in place safeguards against unlawful data transfer without notification by cloud service providers; provide for the development of interoperability standards for data to be reused between sectors.

IDC4EU is pleased to have contributed to the Commission’s proposal via the ongoing Data Market Monitoring study led by IDC to help track on a sectoral and macroeconomic level its impact on the growth of the data market in Europe. Moreover, to have supported the preparation of the proposal with our Study on the switching of cloud service providers, both of which are directly cited in the legislative proposal.

The European Data Market study aims to provide a complete and relevant knowledge of the key aspects of the EU data economy. It monitors the evolution of the European data market and data economy by providing insights and quantitative evidence about its size and trends by industry and by region, contributing substantially to the development of European policy strategies in this field.

Find out more about the European Data Market Study 2021-2023 here

Read the Commission’s Official Press Release on the Data Act here.

Read the Data Act - legal text

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