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    本IDC研究报告介绍2024年可持续发展/ESG十大预测。"全球各地的企业普遍感受到了应对不断变化的可持续发展要求和新的监管环境带来的压力。他们的应对节奏不同,可持续发展转型成熟度也各不相同,因此他们在战略制定、组织和文化变革、运营调整和技术使用等方面面临的挑战也各不相同。无论您处于发展进程的哪个阶段,IT都是实现转型和通过企业可持续发展实践创造价值的关键推动力,了解如何充分利用技术进入下一阶段非常重要。"IDC Sustainable Strategies and Tech...
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    This IDC Innovator identifies three proptech companies that are providing transformative solutions across the built environment sector. The sector is often seen as a laggard in productivity and technology adoption. However, there have been ...
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    This IDC Perspective describes how governments are investing across the data continuum to drive better people skills, greater transparency of data, improved cybersecurity, and more intelligent procurement. Over 50 government executives shar...
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  • IDC Innovators: Smart Rivers


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    Planned for CY2024 Q1 IDC Innovators Tech Buyer

  • Is a Compelling Social Value Offer Becoming a Critical Component in Winning Public Sector Built Environment Contracts?


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    Planned for CY2024 Q1 IDC Survey Spotlight Tech Supplier

  • What is the Potential of GenAI for the Built Environment?


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    Planned for CY2024 Q1 IDC Perspective Tech Buyer

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