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Central and Eastern Europe

Ewa Zborowska

Research Director, Europe

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    This IDC study provides a detailed view of IDC's taxonomy for the extraction market called managed cloud services (MCS) that incorporates IDC's five technology outsourcing services foundation markets and its relationship to the overall port...
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    This IDC Tech Buyer Presentation is a roundup of the European implications of IDC's FutureScape: Worldwide Artificial Intelligence and Automation 2024 Predictions.
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    This IDC Web Conference Proceeding highlights key trends that will guide the EMEA region's digital future and presents the top predictions for EMEA in 2024 and beyond.The arrival of generative AI (GenAI) technologies has shifted the paradig...
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  • European Artificial Intelligence Market Events, 2H23


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    Innovation accelerators

    Planned for CY2024 Q1 Market Note Tech Supplier

  • European Cloud Trends 2024: Predictions


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    Software, System infrastructure software, Big data, Cloud services, Cloud and virtualization system software, Cloud-based partners, Hardware, Servers, Storage, Cloud computing

    Planned for CY2024 Q1 Web Conference: Tech Supplier Tech Supplier

  • IDC FutureScape: Worldwide AI and Automation 2023 Predictions — European Implications


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    Software, Services, Cloud computing

    Planned for CY2024 Q1 IDC FutureScape Tech Buyer

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