IDC Health Insights: Worldwide Life Science R&D Strategy and Technology

As profit and regulatory compliance pressures increase, life science companies are actively seeking ways to shorten the time and decrease the cost of bringing new drugs and other medical products to market. The IDC Health Insights: Worldwide Life Science R&D Strategy and Technology service provides life science companies with the necessary insight to optimize their operational focus and consider the adoption of technological innovation. This IDC Health Insights service provides a forward-looking analysis of IT and technologies on the critical path and how they are being adopted all along the discovery research, clinical development, and broader life science research and development (R&D) value chain. In addition to qualitative assessments, this service includes quantitative market sizing and forecasts to provide a complete picture of the processes and technologies that impact business success in life science R&D.


This service develops comprehensive data and unique analyses through ongoing direct discussions with leading industry innovators, focused topical surveys, and other primary and secondary research. To ensure relevance, IDC Health Insights' analysts work with subscribers to identify and prioritize specific topics to be covered in research reports.

Topics Addressed

Throughout the year, this service will address the following topics:

  • IDC Perspective: Retail Pharmacies — Transforming the Clinical Trial Landscape and Fueling CRAACO
  • IDC PlanScape: Measuring and Scaling the ROI on Decentralized Clinical Trials
  • IDC Perspective: Digital Biomarkers, RWE, and SDoH Driving Patient Recruitment
  • IDC Perspective: Is the Metaverse Virtually a Reality for Life Sciences R&D
  • IDC's Digital Transformation Use Case Road Map: Knowledge-B Medicine, 2023
  • IDC's Worldwide Digital Transformation Use Case Taxonomy, 2023: Life Sciences
  • IDC Perspective: Why Is 5G High on Pharma's Radar?
  • IDC MarketScape: Real-World Evidence Data Platforms, Technologies, and Consulting 2023 Vendor Assessment (launch 1Q23)
  • IDC Perspective: eSource Adoption by the Life Sciences Industry — Myth or Reality?
  • IDC Perspective: Staying Connected with Sensors and Wearables — Challenges and Opportunities
  • IDC Perspective: Tech Strategies for Transforming Pharmacovigilance
  • IDC Perspective: Can Data and Tech Drive Equity and Build Trust in Clinical Trials? Leveraging Digital Therapeutics, RWE, and SDoH
  • IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Health Industry 2024 Predictions
  • IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Life Sciences Industry 2024 Predictions
  • IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Life Science R&D Strategic Consulting Services 2023 Vendor Assessment (launch 1Q23)

Key Questions Answered

Our research addresses the following issues that are critical to your success:

  • How is the industry leveraging real-world data to derive valuable insights and build equity and trust?
  • What is the level of adoption of esource and the metaverse in the industry?
  • Will retail pharmacies disrupt the clinical trial industry and fuel CRAACO? Are we at a tipping point?
  • Why is pharma giving so much importance to 5G?
  • What are the critical trends related to wearables/sensors and digital biomarkers?
  • Everyone's been talking about decentralized clinical trials, but how can we scale this model and measure ROI?
  • With the increasing implementation of technology in pharmacovigilance, what are the novel strategies that are being followed?
  • How is the technology and consulting vendor landscape for real-world data platforms evolving?
  • Who are the key vendors leading strategic consulting in life sciences R&D? What are their differentiators?

Who Should Subscribe

The insights provided from the IDC Health Insights: Worldwide Life Science R&D Strategy and Technology service are beneficial to a growing number of individuals in life science enterprises, including chief information officers, life sciences CEOs, COOs and business heads, senior life science strategy and business management professionals, clinical operations and analytics leadership, RWE strategy leads, IT executives, and related healthcare professionals. eclinical technology vendors, decentralized clinical trial companies, retail pharmacies, contract research organizations, pharmas, biotechs, and medical device companies.

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