IDC Health Insights: Worldwide Healthcare Provider Digital Strategies

The digital transformation of healthcare continues to be well underway. Providers face immense industry pressures and emerging shifts in patient and consumer demands, driving the need for them to become more outcomes focused, data driven, and digitally resilient. IDC Health Insights: Worldwide Healthcare Provider Digital Strategies offers in-depth coverage of all clinical and operational health IT solutions and use cases that help providers address the strive for improved cost, quality, access, safety, experience, and equity in care.


Since 2003, IDC Health Insights has been conducting ongoing quantitative and qualitative research including defining the digital transformation use case taxonomy for value-based health and research into providers, patients, and consumer attitudes toward advances in health IT. Unique among analyst firms, IDC Health Insights uses an integrated research model that includes the new and emerging intersections and changing relationships among all healthcare stakeholders, both in the United States and worldwide.

Topics Addressed

Throughout the year, this service will address the following topics:

  • Next-generation clinical documentation and revenue cycle
  • Clinical workflow optimization with a focus on EHRs, PM, RCM, virtual care integration, CDS, CDI, speech recognition and transcription, medication management and digital prescribing, patient identity and access management, and interoperability
  • Digital patient engagement and digital patient experience with a focus on patient access and end-to-end service optimization, CRM in healthcare, analytics, patient financial engagement, consumer experience design, and emerging care models
  • Medical imaging and archiving solutions with a focus on analytics and AI in imaging, PACS, VNA, and enterprise imaging
  • RCM with a focus on end-to-end, next-generational product and services solutions in addition to analytics and optimization
  • Enterprise and resource management solutions with a focus on workforce, human capital, and financial management as well as supply chain, inventory, asset, and maintenance management
  • IT operations and system infrastructure solutions with a focus on IT services, cloud, connectivity, middleware, data management, storage, risk, auditing, compliance, security, and privacy
  • Digital transformation use cases and emerging technologies (AI, RPA, AR/VR/MR, blockchain, robotics, 3D printing, etc.) and future trends that affect provider clinical and operational health IT

Key Questions Answered

Our research addresses the following:

  1. What technologies will enable organizations to differentiate and become more autonomous, intelligent, and future ready?
  2. What solutions will help organizations lower costs and improve quality as well as enhance access, safety, and experiences?
  3. Which provider health IT solutions will digitally transform the delivery of healthcare services across the continuum of care?
  4. What role does the cloud play in making providers successful?
  5. What role do consumers play in influencing provider business models, and why is this important for health IT strategies?
  6. How will privacy and security concerns affect the pace of adoption of new provider technologies and capabilities?
  7. How will value-based care programs and pay-for-performance models impact provider health IT strategies?
  8. What technologies are being invested in, piloted, and adopted, and what are the current results and future trends?
  9. Which technologies demonstrate an ROI? What are strategies and capabilities of specific vendors, and how do they compare?
  10. How do I select the best vendors and partnerships for projects?

Who Should Subscribe

This service is ideally suited to support the needs of healthcare provider IT solution suppliers and buyers and other executives involved in strategic planning, mergers, and acquisitions in healthcare, as well as those in investment banking with a focus on the healthcare provider market.

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Meet the Experts
Mutaz Shegewi

Research Director, Provider IT Transformation Strategies