TECH SUPPLIER Jan 2023 - Market Perspective - Doc # AP48503522

Part 2: Developing Realistic Expectations for AR/VR — Device Considerations


Bill Rojas
Phil Solis
Hugh Ujhazy
Table of Contents

Executive Snapshot

Figure: Executive Snapshot: Advances in Semiconductor Integration and Packing Are Paving the Path for AR/VR

New Market Developments and Dynamics

Table: Classification of AR/VR Devices

The Important Role of Sensors in AR/VR

Figure: Modern AR/VR System Inputs and Outputs

AR/VR Device Electric Power and Thermal Signature

Table: Google Glass Specifications

Modelling Thermal Signature of Smart AR Glasses

Figure: Overview of the Smart Glasses Including Thermal Properties

Figure: Block Diagram for Thermal Network of Smart AR Glasses

Chipsets and Platforms for AR/VR

Connectivity for AR/VR

Other Interesting Components for AR/VR

Advice for the Technology Supplier

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