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Publication date: 01 Dec 2023

IDC announced the China Winners of the 2023 Future Enterprise Awards


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SINGAPORE, 01 December 2023 – In its 7th IDC Future Enterprise Awards (FEA), International Data Corporation recognized the best of the best in China. These winners successfully displayed sustainable and innovative digital transformation to the highest degree. GAC Group snagged the Future Enterprise of the Year award, while Ms. Li Chengjie of Mengniu Group was awarded the CIO/CDO of the Year award. Both were also recognized for the same categories in the regional Future Enterprise Awards held in Singapore, together with WeBank Co., Ltd. which also received the regional Special Award for Digital Native Business.

"As we witness the digital development of enterprises stepping into the digital business era, it becomes clear that the core of this evolution is intelligent, automated, precise, and flexible digital productivity. This transformation, deeply rooted in digital business practices, is crucial for enhancing enterprise efficiency, reducing costs, and ensuring excellence in a future-focused competitive landscape," says Kitty Fok, Managing Director, IDC China

Digital Transformation has morphed into the Digital Business era amid global economic and social challenges, pushing enterprises to scale new, sustainable digital business models. The IDC Future Enterprise Awards, with over 500+ winners from 5,000+ nominations in the past six years, recognize the pioneers of this new era, especially those with a digital-first approach and tech-driven operating models.

Following a two-phased approach, each nomination was evaluated by IDC analysts.Country winners then qualified in the regional competition judged by a panel of international experts. The following are the crème de la crème of the nominations received from China:

Future Enterprise of the Year (in both China and Regional Future Enterprise Awards) | GAC Digital Accelerator (GDA) 1.0 Program by GAC Group

Launched in 2020, the GAC Group Digital Accelerator Program 1.0 (GDA 1.0) is a strategic digital transformation initiative. Over three years, it rolled out 130+ projects, leveraging GAC Cloud. The program contributed to the 17 billion RMB in digital economic gains, streamlined automobile finance scaling to 46 billion RMB, and expanded mobile travel users in the Greater Bay Area to 18 million. Additionally, GAC Cloud and the Big Data Platform achieved 3 quadrillion computations per second and 200PB storage capacity.

CIO/CDO of the Year (in both China and Regional Future Enterprise Awards) | Li Cheng Jie, Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy (Group) Co., Ltd.

Ms. Li Chengjie, Chief Digital Officer of Mengniu Group, has championed the integration of advanced technology in business, leading to transformative results. Mengniu's Smart factory has improved efficiency fourfold, and AI has enhanced forecast accuracy by 75%. Furthermore, the company has established new competitive barriers and drives the second curve of growth. AI-driven consumer service platform has achieved a tenfold boost in efficiency, offering significant value-added services and setting new industry standards.

Best in Future of Connectedness| Baowu Industrial Internet Platform XIN 3PLAT by China Baowu Steel Group Corporation

In 2021, Baosight Software launched the BaolianDeng platform, revolutionizing operations at China Baowu with an infrastructure that integrates data aggregation and comprehensive services. This platform harnesses big data, cloud computing, AI, and microservices, allowing seamless equipment connectivity, data sharing, knowledge accumulation, and online business execution. Significantly boosting processing efficiency and service capabilities, it extends across all Baowu steel manufacturing bases and other enterprises, generating over RMB200 million in revenue.

Best in Future of Customer Experience | ArGo Precisive Service Project by Bank of China Software Center

This project delivered a bespoke service solution for the financial industry, focusing on enhancing customer experience through intelligent and digital strategies. It drove a customer-centric digital transformation (DX), culminating in 5 papers, 72 patent applications, and over 60 tool platforms. The project improved efficiency for 40,000 employees, boosting productivity by 25%. In 2022, it handled 453 million customer interactions, with a service transaction value exceeding 126 billion, leading to a 6.3% increase in marketing conversion and a 6.34% rise in customer satisfaction.

Best in Future of Digital Infrastructure | Sinopec Data Service Platform by China Petrochemical Corporation

Embracing a "cloud-first" approach and leveraging big data technology, the company developed a data service platform offering comprehensive features like data collection, processing, governance, and security. This platform centralizes and monetizes data, offering shared services to headquarters and enterprises, enhancing data analysis and usage. It also underpins Sinopec's data hub ecosystem, involving government, partners, and social groups.

Best in Future of Industry Ecosystems | K8m Alliance Chain by Great Wall Motor

The Konsortium Alliance Chain, developed by Great Wall Motor, is a blockchain-based automotive industry platform integrating One Data and Web3.0 technologies. It fosters digital identity and collaboration across the industry, offering a secure, reliable, and collaborative environment for various partners like manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, and financial institutions. This facilitates trust, efficiency, and mutual benefits among members, driving cost reduction and business growth.

Best in Future of Intelligence | Mengniu AISM Platform by Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy (Group) Company Limited

Mengniu's AI Service Management (AISM), a pioneering dairy sector initiative, leverages a large language model for digital transformation. This comprehensive AI system, covering scenarios like AI nutritionists and customer service, enhances enterprise efficiency and cuts costs in R&D, marketing, HR, and finance. Externally, it offers accessible nutritional health services, slashing consultation costs significantly. AISM is expected to boost work efficiency in certain areas by over 50%.

Best in Future of Operations | Cloud-Native Intelligent Operations Platform by Chery Jaguar Land Rover

Chery Jaguar Land Rover's integration of traditional manufacturing with intelligent technologies sets a new intelligent manufacturing standard in the automotive industry. Embracing industrial internet, cloud computing, and big data, the company achieves seamless integration of humans, machines, and networks. With core systems cloud-based, it efficiently manages orders, manufacturing, quality, logistics, and traceability, resulting in a 10% cost reduction and significant efficiency gains in accounting, procurement, and material management. This transformation marks a key milestone in their digitalization journey.

Best in Future of Work | Intelligent Inspection System of Distribution Network UAV Based on Cloud-Side Collaboration by Electric Power Research Institute of State Grid Hunan Electric Power Company Limited

State Grid Hunan Electric Power Company Limited, embracing "industry-digital integration," IoT, and AI analysis technologies, has advanced its UAV cloud-side cooperative intelligent defect detection. Launched in September 2021, this initiative is now implemented across 14 municipal companies in Hunan, covering over 3,000km of drone inspection and 60,000 towers. As of January 2023, it has generated over RMB30 million in business. This innovation reduces defect identification from a month to minutes and doubles the defect discovery rate from 35% to 70% compared to manual inspections.

Special Award for Digital Innovation | McDonald's App Innovative Digital Gameplay by McDonalds China

McDonald's China focuses on digital innovation, enhancing customer experiences and business growth through digital ordering and member services. In 2020, they launched new apps and mini programs, creating an omni-channel customer reach and boosting their digital business. The company also invests in VR and AR technologies for interactive brand experiences via headsets and apps, improving engagement and monetization. As of August 2023, digital sales contribute over 90% to their revenue, with over 100 million app downloads and industry-leading digital user experience and net promoter scores.

Special Award for Digital Native Business (in both China and Regional Future Enterprise Awards) | Digital Bank WeBank Supporting the High-Quality Development of Digital Economy by WeBank Co., Ltd.

WeBank Co., Ltd., China's premier digital bank, champions technology-driven innovation. For over eight years, it has prioritized R&D in cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, and big data. This technological prowess has enabled WeBank Co., Ltd. to offer specialized financial services to a broad audience, enhancing service efficiency and customer experience while reducing costs and risks. This approach paves the way for sustainable, high-quality inclusive finance.

Special Award for Digital Resiliency | LCFC Supplier 360 Risk Management System by LCFC (Hefei) Electronics Technology Company Limited

The LCFC Supplier 360 Risk Management System is a comprehensive solution that leverages AI technologies for efficient risk identification and management in supply chains. It systematically gathers information, identifies risks, and triggers alerts using a professional risk warning model. This system generates risk reports for closed-loop management, acting as a communication link between LCFC and its suppliers. It enhances supply chain resilience and sustainability by timely monitoring and mitigating supplier risks. With capabilities for real-time analysis, early prediction, and scientific decision-making, the system reduces manual information collection and significantly boosts operational efficiency.

Special Award for Smart Cities - Best in Citizen Wellbeing | Handling Affairs Without Leaving the Islands in Zhoushan (Grassroots Government Services) by Zhoushan Municipal Government Service Office

Zhoushan's initiative, "Handling Affairs Without Leaving the Islands," drives government service digitization and equalization. It includes seven sub-scenarios, offering 220 government services through self-service terminals at convenience stations. This encompasses critical areas like public security and real estate. Facilitating inter-provincial handling, it boasts an 85% local handling rate and significantly improves efficiency in remote island services by over 80%.

Special Award for Smart Cities - Best in Connected City | Shanghai Jinshan District AI Xinye Platform by Shanghai Jinshan Urban Operation and Management Center

The Jinshan AI Xinye Platform addresses urban governance challenges like disjointed management, resource allocation inflexibility, slow event detection, and manual inefficiency. Integrating 20,000 surveillance channels across various departments, it merges AI with sectors like water management, urban planning, and health. The platform uses 16 algorithms for issues like flood detection and parking violations, improving algorithm accuracy from 65–85%, with some exceeding 95%.

Special Award for Smart Cities - Best in Digital Policies | Data Management Service Project by Dalian Municipal Bureau of Business Environment Construction

This project in Dalian focuses on enhancing big data foundations and open capabilities, boosting data support for government services, urban governance, and industry services. Central to this is a comprehensive big data platform incorporating data from over 70 departments, aiming for over 95% in standardized governance and data output, and over 90% in data timeliness. The platform supports comprehensive data traceability across multiple departments and business scenarios, significantly improving governmental information supply and service capabilities.

Special Award for Sustainability | Ping' An Forest Carbon Sequestration Remote Sensing Index Insurance by China Ping' An Property Insurance Company Limited

The Ping' An Forest Carbon Sequestration Remote Sensing Index Insurance is an innovative service that secures the economic value of forest carbon sequestration. Using satellite remote sensing, it converts forest loss from disasters into carbon sink loss, offering broader coverage than traditional forest insurance. This service aids in resource rescue, carbon removal, and ecological restoration post-disaster. Employing remote sensing and AI algorithms, it evaluates forest carbon storage and changes over time. Implemented in 17 provinces and cities, the project has amassed RMB695,400 in premiums, covering 637,000mu, and provides risk protection for 58,440mu of carbon sequestration.

The 2023 IDC Future Enterprise Awards China was held in Beijing from 22 November to 23 November, while the regional winners were announced during IDC’s Future Enterprise Summit and Awards at the Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre on 31 October 2023. To learn more about the regional winners, click HERE.

"At IDC, we are dedicated to providing Chinese enterprises with a broad and in-depth analysis of digital business strategies and trends. Our goal is to offer insightful interpretations of various scenarios, supporting these enterprises as they navigate through the next decade of digital transformation," ends Fok.

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