IDC Financial Insights: Asia/Pacific Financial Services IT Strategies

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Meet the Experts

Photo of Michael Sek Pheng Yeo
Michael Sek Pheng Yeo

Associate Research Director

IDC Financial Insights: Asia/Pacific Financial Services IT Strategies offers a look at the Asian financial services sector (primarily, banks and insurers), focusing on the largest and most high-growth areas of technology investments. This provides decision makers with actionable information on key trends such as cloud adoption in financial services, adoption and use of analytics and AI/ML, core banking transformation, risk management, and IT operations. This advisory service helps financial institutions and technology providers grow their businesses in the Asia/Pacific region. Insights used in this program is based on regular interactions of in-country advisors of the top 120 banks and insurers in the market, as our analyst teams actively engage with management teams to identify trends and opportunities in the market. The research agenda covers opportunities from bank and vendor perspectives, providing senior-level decision makers with timely market insights into the business opportunities within this dynamic part of the world.


This service develops an in-depth analysis of key trends in both the corporate and the retail banking sectors in the Asia/Pacific region as well as in insurance, based on ongoing communication with banking practitioners, industry experts, and product and service vendors. At any given year, the analysts complete 250 C-level interviews with leading financial institutions in the region. Our analysts work with subscribers to map out the research agenda for the year and are also available to provide ad hoc advice to help banking executives and vendors make informed decisions. In addition to ongoing research reports, our research advisory service provides analyst access, web conferences, and exclusive admission to financial services–related roundtables and content-rich conferences such as the annual Asian Financial Services Congress and the Fintech Innovation Summits.

Topics Addressed

Throughout the year, this service will address the following topics:

  • Key technology spending priorities in Asia/Pacific banks and insurers
  • Drivers for new business models for banks in the 13 key markets of Asia/Pacific, including open banking and banking as a service
  • Competitive positioning and strategic guidance for IT vendors for gaining traction in Asia/Pacific banking and insurance
  • Core banking and insurance system best practices
  • Impact of economic, regulatory, competitive, and social trends on IT investments in Asia/Pacific banks
  • New technologies in retail and corporate banking
  • The use of digital technologies like cloud, analytics, blockchain, and AI/ML in financial services
  • Fintech innovation and how traditional financial services institutions are adapting to it

Key Questions Answered

Our research addresses the following issues that are critical to your success:

  1. What are the most common attributes of digital banks and digital insurance companies?
  2. What are the hot trends in Asia's banking market, and how can technology providers optimize their business models to benefit from these opportunities?
  3. How do core banking systems investments reflect the business realities of the Asia/Pacific region?
  4. What are the unique dynamics within the Asian banking environment, and how will they impact local and foreign institutions?
  5. What are the best practices for the use of cloud, analytics, and AI/ML?
  6. Which markets offer the greatest potential for financial institutions and the firms that service them?
  7. Which are the leading banks, and what is the source of their competitive advantage?

Who Should Subscribe

IDC Financial Insights: Asia/Pacific Financial Services IT Strategies is ideally suited for executives from banks as well as service providers that seek to understand the trends in the region's banking sector and the emerging technology proposition that will shape competition