IDC Manufacturing Insights: Worldwide Industry Segment Strategies

IDC Manufacturing Insights: Worldwide Industry Segment Strategies provides a series of documents that analyze trends and data related to the various subsegments within the manufacturing industry. The IDC Manufacturing Insights: Worldwide Industry Segment Strategies service examines the impact of technology investments and process initiatives on operations, supply chain, product innovation, talent, and service innovation. Specific coverage is given to the business drivers, benefits, processes, use cases, and best practices related to connected, intelligent, and automated manufacturing processes and resulting enterprise performance in specific manufacturing subsegments.


This service collects relevant market data through interviews with industry practitioners, experts, and technology vendors, with a heavy reliance on manufacturing industry survey data that IDC compiles at the subsegment level. IDC Manufacturing Insights' analysts develop unique and comprehensive analyses of this data, focused on providing actionable recommendations. To ensure relevance, our analysts work with subscribers to identify and prioritize specific topics to be covered in research documents.

Topics Addressed

Throughout the year, this service looks at trends, survey data, forecasts, and shares for industry subsegments. It is organized by four manufacturing value chains:

  • Asset oriented — chemicals, metals, pulp/paper
  • Brand oriented — food/beverage, apparel, health/beauty, homecare
  • Engineering oriented — automotive, aerospace and defense, farm/construction/industrial machinery
  • Technology oriented — high tech, semiconductor, electronic equipment

Key Questions Answered

Our research addresses the following issues that are critical to your success:

  1. How is spending concentrated among the largest buyers in a subsegment?
  2. What is the buying sentiment for a particular technology (from surveys) such as AI, SaaS, and RPA?
  3. Who are the most important technology vendors in a subsegment?
  4. What are the key functional areas/use cases for IT investment across subsegments?
  5. What the key trends influencing technology investment in a subsegment?
  6. What are the profiles of key line-of-business roles in a subsegment, and what is their role in making technology decisions?

Who Should Subscribe

The IDC Manufacturing Insights: Worldwide Industry Segment Strategies service is ideally suited to support the needs of senior operations, product/service innovation, supply chain, and IT executives who are looking for a deeper dive into specific subsegment trends than our other manufacturing industry programs. The quantitative approach of this program will enable technology suppliers to the manufacturing industry to surface data and related insights that inform the marketplace.

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