European Cloud Native and Modern App Development Strategies

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Meet the Experts

Photo of George Mironescu
George Mironescu

Associate Research Director, App Development and Delivery, Europe

Photo of Jennifer Thomson
Jennifer Thomson

AVP AccAD, Cloud, Services Research Europe

As reliance on digital strengthens, competitive battles are shifting to how well organizations can innovate with software. To develop high-quality software quickly and at scale, modern application development technologies and practices are needed. Cloud native approaches promise to supercharge application delivery. Yet running modern-day app environments is hard due to legacy systems, technical complexity, skills shortages, and ever-growing security risks. European Cloud Native and Modern App Development Strategies is a continuous information service that identifies investment opportunities and challenges in Europe resulting from the transition to digital. It analyzes the future of software development and delivery and the transition to enterprise-scale DevOps and cloud-native architectures and delivery models. It informs fact-based decisions on investments, resource allocation, and go-to-market strategies and covers the competitive landscape, evolving ecosystems, where/who to partner, and how to differentiate. The service targets application delivery life cycle executives from technology vendors, consultancies, systems integrators, and managed services providers.

Markets and Subjects Analyzed

  • Enterprise readiness for modern software development and delivery
  • Investment drivers, adoption challenges, and appetite for cloud-native app development and delivery
  • Attitudes, needs, and priorities by persona, including developers, software engineers, and senior IT leaders
  • Technical priorities and the evolution of roadmaps under DevOps/ DevSecOps platforms and delivery models
  • Developer and platform engineering metrics (e.g., lead times and productivity), design (e.g., solution architecture and system redesign), and preferences (e.g., dev experience and adoption of delivery platforms); and regional software dev/delivery innovators
  • PaaS market sizing, forecasting, and vendor market shares
  • Emerging topics shaping the delivery agenda, including AI-based app dev/engineering and sustainable software engineering

Core Research

  • IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Developers & DevOps 2024 Predictions — European Implications
  • Persona-Based Challenges and Pain Points to Scaling Cloud Native App Delivery
  • DevOps and App Dev/Delivery Buyer Priorities and Strategies
  • Maturity and Investment Plans in DevOps and Modern App Delivery
  • European Public Cloud PaaS Forecast, 2022–2027
  • European Public Cloud PaaS Vendor Market Shares, 2022
  • MAP: European Developer Cloud and Modern App Development, 2023

In addition to the insight provided in this service, IDC may conduct research on specific topics or emerging market segments via research offerings that require additional IDC funding and client investment.

Key Questions Answered

  1. How ready are European organizations for modern software dev and delivery, and how does this impact enterprise IT organizational structures, culture, processes, tools, and skill sets?
  2. How mature are European organizations in terms of DevOps enablement and what investments are required to accelerate enterprise scale DevOps?
  3. How are user attitudes to app delivery platforms changing, and how can vendors win mind and market share?
  4. What are the impacts of cloud native, DevOps, and agile delivery on enterprise IT spending? Which vendors are positioned to play a leading role in software innovation strategies?
  5. What strategies should technology vendors and/or service providers adopt to help organizations compete with software in a digital world?