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IDC Arena | Welcome to the New Age of Content Marketing

2020 has changed the face of B2B events forever. Bringing face-to-face events to a standstill for most of the year, the pandemic has forced tech marketers to get creative, leaning on alternative platforms or channels to stay connected with their customers.

This movement has seen mixed results, but the main message we are sending to the market as a leading player in tech events and conferences is to keep going. Even as quarantines ease up and a vaccine becomes available, physical events will not return to their former glory overnight. Digital is likewise proving to be a viable channel when executed the right way, so the key is to find a strategy that maximizes your ROI and is tailor-fit to your business’ needs.

What is IDC Arena?

A video content broadcasting hub
for IDC and IDC partners

With built-in livestream and
on-demand capabilities

Supported by a content
marketing system and platform

While many companies challenged themselves to level-up the playing field when it comes to their customer
engagement plans this year, we at IDC went ahead and made our own.
IDC Arena is an integrated platform that takes physical events online, but also on-demand.

IDC Arena is positioned as an intuitive, data-driven content hub that creates new synergy
for events and thought leadership content, marking the beginning for further engagements not limited to
the physical event day.

Other webinar, web conference, or webcasting platforms allow you to stage your event virtually, and give you data on attendance and engagement specific to singular events. As a tech-casting platform, IDC Arena holds the advantage of learning about your customers’ profiles the more they view content. Through a series of hosted content, for example, IDC Arena can offer key insights on what specific technologies your customers are interested in, the level of knowledge they have on key topics, and what forms of content they enjoy consuming the most. This allows you intimate customer insights so that you can engage them on a more personalized level.

Check out the video on the right to learn more about IDC Arena

We’ve Simplified Digital Customer Engagement for You

One of the most important considerations for hosting your virtual event content is choosing the platform. A virtual iteration of your physical events does not simply mean transposing your content online. It requires a re-imagining of customer engagement in a drastically different platform. Click here for more cutting-edge guidance on how to stage your digital content in the new normal, and the next.





Give controls back to your audience.
In today’s streaming world, audiences can choose when and how they consume their entertainment content.
Shouldn’t business content be the same?

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