IDC's Compete is a companion product to its flagship Trackers that are a leading industry benchmark for measuring and monitoring a market's size and forecast by country across various technologies. Germany Personal Computing Device: Compete provides an in-depth analysis of the Personal Computing Devices market in Germany that will help customers develop a deeper sense of the trends to prepare a sound market strategy. IDC's in-country tracker analysts are able to provide an unrivaled in-depth market view based on the latest trends and analysis garnered from numerous supplier interviews and other secondary sources.

Markets and Technologies Covered

  • Overall market segments overview
  • Total PC shipments by units and value
  • Commercial PC market overview by units and value
  • Consumer PC market overview by units and value
  • Notebook market by product detail and screen size
  • Ultraslim Notebook by screen size in commercial and consumer
  • Desktop by Product Detail
  • Total Market by Processor Vendor
  • Competitive landscape: Total Market and by Product Category
  • Market Segment analysis: Segment Detail
  • Distribution Channel analysis: Channels by Vendor and by Product Category
  • Forecast analysis:
  • Total PC market by product category
  • Forecast assumptions
  • Forecast by Segments,
  • Forecast by Price Band,
  • Forecast by OS

Core Research

  • Executive Summary of the key market highlights for the period
  • Market Overview with assumptions and key highlights that affect the trendline
  • Competitive Analysis of vendors at an overall level and by a deeper market segmentation to highlight vendor strengths and market positioning
  • Product Segmentation to cover key market shifts by various subsegmentations within a product
  • Forecast Analysis of the overall market with assumptions and key highlights that affect the trendline
  • Buyer Segmentation with commentary on key spending trends by segment (consumer, government, education, small, medium, large and very large enterprises) to comment on large deals and events
  • Channel Analysis of major movements across service providers, etailers, systems integrators, and so forth for those trackers that include this data

Key Questions Answered

  1. What are the macrotrends and microtrends shaping the spending in this market?
  2. What is the product segmentation analysis by category to observe growth and shifts in spending within various product categories?
  3. What is the competitive outlook in this market, and what is behind the market winning strategies of leading vendors?
  4. Which buyer segments are spending more/less, and what drives the motivation/reluctance to spend by major buyer segments?
  5. What are the forecasts and related assumptions in the short and long term?

Companies Analyzed

This service reviews the strategies, market positioning, and future direction of several providers in the personal computing device market, including:

HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, Apple, Asus

  • Daniel Goncalves

    Senior Research Manager, Personal Computing Devices

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