rsssoftware IDC RSS alerts Digital Transformation Strategies in Utilities Operations <P>This IDC Web Conference examines digital transformation strategies in utilities operations. Utilities are under constant pressure to improve the performance and reliability of their assets. Digital transformation in the area of utilities operations can improve the efficiency, availability, and economics of their assets. In addition, digitizing your utility's operational processes and procedures can ensure regulatory compliance and the safety of a utility's employees and the customers that the utility serves all while reducing overall operations and maintenance costs. This IDC Web Conference takes a look at some of the operational challenges utilities are facing and the digital investment opportunities that can address them.</P> Web Conference Proceeding: Tech Buyer Fri, 24 Sep 2021 04:00:00 GMT John Villali Enabling Frictionless Journeys in Retail <P>This IDC Web Conference explores the challenges and solutions for retailers today as they enhance their analytical capabilities. Enabling frictionless journeys isn't as simple as implementing operational, customer-facing processes. To be effective, it requires deep analytical maturity to support decision-making across the organization, which in turn, requires the right people, processes, and technology. But how do retailers with less mature capabilities get there, from where they sit today? </P> Web Conference Proceeding: Tech Buyer Fri, 24 Sep 2021 04:00:00 GMT Jon Duke Filebase: Using Decentralized Blockchain Networks for Cloud Object Storage <P>This IDC Vendor Profile examines the decentralized storage market and a key provider within this market: Filebase. Filebase is an object storage platform powered by decentralized blockchain storage networks. Filebase uses a browser-based dashboard and an S3-compatible API to deploy, access, and manage data across several decentralized storage networks. Filebase does this by deploying clusters of application servers connected to multiple decentralized storage networks. These application servers allow Filebase to abstract all of the interactions with the underlying networks and node operators, leveraging erasure coding on a global scale and eliminating ingress while dramatically reducing charges and providing turnkey configurations that help developers place, migrate, or replicate object storage.</P> Vendor Profile Fri, 24 Sep 2021 04:00:00 GMT Andrew Smith, Lucas Mearian Google Cloud Launches its Supply Twin Platform <P>Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has announced the launch of its Supply Chain Twin (SCT) solution that aids in creating end-to-end visibility within the value chain. IDC expects that the move will enable GCP to build on its presence in the supply chain domain, form new partnerships with focus on industry-specific solutions that allow organizations to reduce deployment costs and efforts. </P> IDC Link Fri, 24 Sep 2021 04:00:00 GMT Sampath Kumar Venkataswamy, Christopher Holmes, Stephanie Krishnan IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Collaboration and Community Applications 2021 Vendor Assessment <P>This IDC study represents a vendor assessment of the collaborative and community applications market through the IDC MarketScape model. Team collaborative applications and enterprise community applications became critical to connect workers, vendors, partners, and customers. Each vendor has differentiated itself with both core abilities and integration abilities that they believe will be most in demand in the future. While some companies saw customer service challenges in their growth, all are seeking better ways to improve adoption to make collaboration and communities a core part of the enterprise IT stack going forward. If user adoption of these platforms is any gauge for the future, collaborative and community platforms will be very successful. Enterprises must embrace them as a new way to communicate, form community, improve customer and worker experience and, most importantly, redesign legacy processes.</P><P>"The future of business is the connection and communities with the workforce, partners, and customers," according to Wayne Kurtzman, research director for Social, Communities, and Collaboration Applications at IDC. "Deep integrations with the rest of the technology stack improve insights, minimize context switching, and drive significantly more productivity with better worker experience. Companies that fail to provide well-designed collaboration and community platforms will force their workforce, partners, and customers to create their own solutions."</P> IDC MarketScape Fri, 24 Sep 2021 04:00:00 GMT Wayne Kurtzman IDC Survey: Toward Greater Resilience — Accelerating Enterprisewide DX and the Emergence of the Four C-Suite Archetypes <P>This IDC Survey provides insights into Asia/Pacific organizations' digital maturity and how their degree of digitalization leads to measurable business outcomes. Spanning across 12 Asia/Pacific countries and 12 industries, the survey is designed to elicit sentiment, understanding, and insight around the C-suite buying behavior — from how the digital transformation (DX) dream team is structured and their archetypes to the priorities and challenges they face as they scope, lead, and execute DX projects. The survey also provides unique insights into key investments, the metrics being used, and the outcomes that have been achieved. The document contains data from IDC's 2021<I> Asia/Pacific (APJ) Business and Technology Leaders</I><I>'</I><I> Digital Transformation Impact Survey.</I></P> IDC Survey Fri, 24 Sep 2021 04:00:00 GMT Lawrence Cheok, Daniel-Zoe Jimenez, Sabrina Tamayo Market Analysis Perspective: Worldwide Digital Engineering and Operational Technology Services, 2021 <P>This IDC Market Analysis Perspective provides a general overview of key supply and demand trends in the digital engineering and operational technology services market. This document also includes the competitive landscape, forecast, and key market factors that will inhibit or encourage growth and a future view of the market. Finally, this document provides IDC's essential guidance to engineering services providers for competing effectively in this market.</P> Market Analysis Perspective Fri, 24 Sep 2021 04:00:00 GMT Mukesh Dialani Oracle FY 1Q22 Earnings: SaaS and IaaS Reach $2.5 Billion Revenue Mark in Quarter <P>On September 13, 2021, Oracle announced its FY 1Q22 earnings. Following are the top financial highlights for the quarter (all growth rates are presented in constant currency terms):</P><UL><LI>Total revenue for the third quarter was $9.7 billion, up 2%.</LI><LI>Cloud services and license support were $7.4 billion, up 5%.</LI><LI>Cloud license and on-premises license were $813 million, down 9%.</LI><LI>Total hardware revenue was $763 million, down 7%.</LI><LI>Total services revenue was $781 million, up 7%.</LI><LI>Non-GAAP EPS was up 11% in U.S. dollars to $1.03.</LI></UL> IDC Link Fri, 24 Sep 2021 04:00:00 GMT Jordan Jewell, Eric Newmark, Mickey North Rizza, Carl W. Olofson Scaling DevOps in the Future Enterprise: Future Enterprise Planning Guide <P>This IDC Tech Buyer Presentation is part of IDC's Future Enterprise Planning Guide series. Each module delivers key overviews, targeted advice, and peer insights to guide users through key parts of the digital transformation (DX) process.</P><P><B>Scaling and </B><B>A</B><B>utomating DevOps </B><B>P</B><B>ractices </B><B>I</B><B>s </B><B>V</B><B>ital to </B><B>C</B><B>ontinued </B><B>C</B><B>ompetitiveness </B></P><P>In the modern digital ecosystem, digital end-user expectations are propelling organizations to deliver faster software updates, using DevOps development practices. Almost all enterprise organizations are now using or planning to adopt DevOps. However, many of these efforts remain at a pilot stage. Scaling and automating DevOps practices is vital to continued competitiveness in the recovery. Teams practicing accelerated application delivery and DevOps were in a better position to use software innovation and agility to impact their organization's response to the pandemic. Digital resiliency is a central tenet of the future enterprise — IDC's vision for the end state of DX.</P><P><B>Aim for </B><B>C</B><B>ulture </B><B>C</B><B>hange and </B><B>F</B><B>ocus on </B><B>D</B><B>elivering </B><B>B</B><B>usiness </B><B>V</B><B>alue</B></P><P>IDC believes that DevOps is a vital piece of the digital innovation supply chain, encompassing methodology, processes, and enabling technologies. Expanding DevOps requires cultural changes, a proper foundation, and support from the top. "Executive sponsorship and leadership buy-in are critical to build mutual trust among teams and break down traditional organizational silos," explains Jim Mercer, research director, DevOps and DevSecOps at IDC. "Also key to scaling DevOps is using automation and integrated testing to overcome the manual processes acting as bottlenecks to DevOps delivery. Automation reduces errors, speeds release frequency, and increases reliability and quality."</P> Tech Buyer Presentation Fri, 24 Sep 2021 04:00:00 GMT Meredith Whalen, Jim Mercer, Serge Findling, Martha Rounds What Are the Key Roadblocks in an Enterprise’s Application Transformation Ambitions? <P>The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the timelines of enterprises transforming their core business applications, unfortunately there are several challenges delaying enterprise-wide transformation efforts. This IDC Spotlight leverages data from IDC's' 2021 APEJ Business and IT Enterprise Services Sourcing Survey to identify the key challenges delaying enterprise wide application transformation initiatives.</P> IDC Survey Spotlight Fri, 24 Sep 2021 04:00:00 GMT Rijo George Thomas