target audience: TECH SUPPLIER  Publication date: Oct 2022 - Document type: Taxonomy - Doc  Document number: # US49599522

IDC's Worldwide Edge Spending Guide Taxonomy, 2022: Release V1, 2022


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Table of Contents

  • IDC's Worldwide Edge Spending Guide Taxonomy

    • Figure: IDC's Standard Industries

  • Edge Spending Guide Taxonomy Changes for 2022

    • Use Cases

  • Definitions

    • What Is a Vertical Industry?

    • Economic Entities, Enterprises, and Establishments

    • IDC's Sector and Associated Primary Vertical Markets

    • What Is a Sector?

    • Table: IDC's Worldwide Sector and Vertical Taxonomy: Company Examples of Primary Markets by SIC, NACE, and JSIC Codes

    • Defining "Edge"

    • Table: IDC's Edge Domain Definitions

    • Addressable Market

    • Technology View of the Edge Market

    • Table: IDC's Worldwide Edge Spending Guide Technology Inclusions and Definitions

    • Use Cases

    • Table: IDC's Worldwide Edge Spending Guide Use Cases, 2022 Release V1

    • Overlap with Other IDC Spending Guide Research

    • General Overlap of IDC Spending Guides

    • Overlap Across 3rd Platform Technologies

    • Overlap Across Innovation Accelerators

    • Overlap Between 3rd Platform Technologies and Innovation Accelerators

  • Learn More

    • Methodology

    • Figure: Edge Spending Guide Methodology

    • Related Research

    • Synopsis