TECH BUYER Mar 2019 - IDC Perspective - Doc # US44924319

The Future of Work — The Future Is Now

By: Holly MuscolinoResearch Vice President, Content and Process Strategies and the Future of Work

Table of Contents

Executive Snapshot

Figure: Executive Snapshot: The Future of Work — The Future Is Now

Situation Overview

Figure: Optimism Regarding Job Impact

The IDC Future of Work Framework

Figure: IDC's Future of Work Framework

The Future Is Now

The Current State of Work Transformation Initiatives

Figure: Work Transformation Progress

Figure: Work Transformation Initiatives in Place

Drivers and Challenges

Figure: Work Transformation Drivers

Figure: Work Transformation Challenges

Leadership and Budgeting

Figure: Source of Work Transformation Funding

Figure: Work Transformation Decision Makers

Advice for the Technology Buyer

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