TECH SUPPLIER Jun 2022 - Market Perspective - Doc # EUR149184522

The Cloud Skills Shortage in Europe Part 1: How Serious Is It?


John O'Brien
Rahiel Nasir
Table of Contents

Executive Snapshot

Figure: Executive Snapshot: The Cloud Skills Shortage in Europe

New Market Developments and Dynamics

Lack of Skills Delaying Cloud Transformation Journeys

Figure: Main Reasons for Public Cloud Deployments Being Unsuccessful

Figure: The Most Pressing Operational Challenges Resulting from a Multicloud Strategy

The Cloud Skills Deficit Is Symptomatic of a Broader Tech Skills Crisis

The Cloud Skills Crisis: How Did We Get Here?

Skills Challenges in Modern Cloud-Based Application Delivery

Budgetary Constraints

Distributed Workforces

The IT and Business Disconnect Impacting Cloud Skills Awareness

Figure: Europe's Most Wanted Business/Process Skills

Identifying the Cloud Skills Gaps

Figure: Europe's Most Wanted Technical Skills

Modern App Delivery Requires a Cloud Mindset

Figure: Major Skills-Related Challenges in Modern Software Development and Delivery

Figure: Modern Cloud-Led App Development Held Back by Poor Integration, Agility, and Technical Debt

The Cloud Skills Shortage in Europe Part 2: Tackling the Crisis

Advice for technology buyers


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