TECH SUPPLIER Dec 2022 - Market Perspective - Doc # EUR149008122

EU Chips Act: The EU Strategy to Level the Semiconductor Playing Field and Safeguard its Digital Sovereignty


Anielle Guedes
Table of Contents

Executive Snapshot

Figure: Executive Snapshot: EU Chips Act

New Market Developments and Dynamics

Figure: Distribution of Global Semiconductor Manufacturing Capacity

Policy Framework, Actors, Funding Structure, and Early Success

Policy Framework and Institutional Actors

Figure: Policy Multi-Instrument Framework Comprising the EU Chips Act

Figure: EU Institutional Actors of the EU Chips Act


Funding Structure

Figure: Funding Structure Landscape for the Semiconductor Industry in the EU

Global Investment Landscape and Early EU Chips Act Successes

Implementation Challenges and Future Policy Developments

Workforce Development, Capability Building, and Enhancing Intellectual Capital

Securing All Industries' Supplies While Maintaining Fair Competition

Transatlantic Competition May Tip the Scales: Why Collaboration is the Best Route

Independent Downstream Supply Chain is Vital

The Geographic Density Magnet: Why Europe Matters and the Potential Impacts for European Countries

Geographic Density Magnet: Opportunity for European Semiconductor Manufacturing Countries

Figure: Geographic dispersion of Semiconductor-Related Manufacturing in the EU: 2020 Output

Figure: Semiconductor Factory Distribution in the EU by Country

Potential Extra Positive Economic Development Impacts on the Largest European Manufacturing Countries

Figure: Percentage Contribution of the Largest Manufacturing Countries in Europe to Total Industrial Output, 2020 (% of Total Value of Sold Production)

Widespread Economic Effects in Europe Due to the Common Market

Job Generation Effect Even in an Extremely Automated Context

Advice for the Technology SupplierS

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