target audience: TECH SUPPLIER  Publication date: Dec 2022 - Document type: Market Perspective - Doc  Document number: # EUR149008122

EU Chips Act: The EU Strategy to Level the Semiconductor Playing Field and Safeguard its Digital Sovereignty

By:  Anielle Guedes Loading


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Table of Contents

  • Executive Snapshot

    • Figure: Executive Snapshot: EU Chips Act

  • New Market Developments and Dynamics

    • Figure: Distribution of Global Semiconductor Manufacturing Capacity

    • Policy Framework, Actors, Funding Structure, and Early Success

    • Policy Framework and Institutional Actors

    • Figure: Policy Multi-Instrument Framework Comprising the EU Chips Act

    • Figure: EU Institutional Actors of the EU Chips Act

    • Participants

    • Funding Structure

    • Figure: Funding Structure Landscape for the Semiconductor Industry in the EU

    • Global Investment Landscape and Early EU Chips Act Successes

    • Implementation Challenges and Future Policy Developments

    • Workforce Development, Capability Building, and Enhancing Intellectual Capital

    • Securing All Industries' Supplies While Maintaining Fair Competition

    • Transatlantic Competition May Tip the Scales: Why Collaboration is the Best Route

    • Independent Downstream Supply Chain is Vital

    • The Geographic Density Magnet: Why Europe Matters and the Potential Impacts for European Countries

    • Geographic Density Magnet: Opportunity for European Semiconductor Manufacturing Countries

    • Figure: Geographic dispersion of Semiconductor-Related Manufacturing in the EU: 2020 Output

    • Figure: Semiconductor Factory Distribution in the EU by Country

    • Potential Extra Positive Economic Development Impacts on the Largest European Manufacturing Countries

    • Figure: Percentage Contribution of the Largest Manufacturing Countries in Europe to Total Industrial Output, 2020 (% of Total Value of Sold Production)

    • Widespread Economic Effects in Europe Due to the Common Market

    • Job Generation Effect Even in an Extremely Automated Context

  • Advice for the Technology SupplierS

  • Learn More

    • Related Research

    • Synopsis