TECH BUYER May 2021 - IDC Perspective - Doc # AP47365621

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence: How Far Are India Enterprises in Their Artificial Intelligence Adoption Journey?

By: Rishu SharmaAssociate Research Director, Swapnil ShendeSenior Market Analyst, Sharath SrinivasamurthyResearch Director

Table of Contents

Executive Snapshot

Figure: Executive Snapshot: An Overview of Artificial Intelligence Adoption in India Organizations

Situation Overview

AI in India Businesses

What Is AI?

Figure: AI Software Technologies

How Far Are India Organizations in Their AI Journey?

Figure: Organizations' AI Spending

AI or No AI: It Is All in the Benefits

Figure: Primary Drivers for AI Use in Projects

Business Risks Associated with AI Adoption

Figure: Business Risks Aassociated with AI Adoption

How Do Organizations Across Verticals Adopt AI Use Cases?

Figure: AI Spend by Vertical, 2020

Figure: Indian Organizations That Adopt AI

Figure: AI Use Cases Across Verticals

Key AI Use Cases

Figure: Key AI Use Cases in India, 2020

How Do Organizations Adopt These Use Cases?

Supply and Logistics

Public Safety and Emergency Response

Fraud Analysis and Investigation

IT Automation

Automated Customer Service Agents

Diagnosis and Treatment

India as the AI Hub in the Emerging Technology Era

It All Starts with Data: Organizations Must Adopt a Strong Data-Driven Culture

Figure: Data Life-Cycle Management for Successful AI Implementation

Advice for the Technology Buyer

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