Rationalize and Modernize Applications for the Digital Enterprise

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Plan for modernizing enterprise applications with the flexibility required to address continuous change and evolving labor requirements.


Many organizations are still running monolithic, antiquated systems that are rigid and fail to deliver on the digital business needs of today — particularly as they lack the flexibility required to address continuous change. Because of the outdated assumptions built into the products and their design, antiquated ERP systems are unable to support the requirements to transform the current labor force to take on redefined, information outcome–based roles.

What: CIOs and IT leaders will learn a framework, success criteria and KPIS in 7 critical areas for application modernization. IDC recommendations a framework based on capabilities. This module will walk leaders through key steps in establishing a rationalization process, governance and a method for prioritizing actions and recommendations.

Why: The legacy portfolio of redundant technology and vendors has become outdated, difficult to upgrade, and costly, often detracting from other more strategic modernization and DX objectives. A capabilities approach to modernization enables the organization to expand its performance and focus on what matters for the business. This approach simplifies complexity by breaking down business challenges into more digestible entities, removing emotional baggage and targeting outcomes.

How: To undergo the modernization of your applications for the digital enterprise, your organization needs the following steps:

  • Establish the metrics that measure the effectiveness of your application rationalization program
  • Establish a process for modernizing enterprise applications
  • Build your business case for modernizing enterprise applications

Successful DX efforts have measurable, achievable and
supported goals, strategy and KPIs

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