Mobile Phone Tracker Team

Bryan Ma

Vice President, Client Devices

Peggy Cheung

Research Manager

Melissa Chau

Research Director

Ryan Reith

Program Vice President, Worldwide Mobile Device Trackers

Anthony Scarsella

Research Director, Mobile Phones

Francisco Jeronimo

Associate VP, Devices, IDC EMEA

Simon Baker

Program Director, Mobile Phones/Consumer Devices, IDC EMEA

Natalia Milko

Senior Research Analyst, European Mobile Devices and Ukraine & Kazakhstan

Nabila Popal

Research Director, Worldwide Tracker Team

Steve Yang

Senior Analyst, Communications & Mobility

Kiranjeet Kaur

Senior Research Manager, Client Devices, IDC Asia/Pacific

Marta Pinto

Senior Research Manager, Client Devices, European Region

Ahmed M. Ahmed

Market Analyst

New Research

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