Business Value Team

Randy Perry

Vice President, Sales Enablement Practice

Nancy Selig

Research Vice President, New Product Innovation and Digital Content Architecture

Amy Catalogna

Project Manager

Andrew Ware

Vice President, Enterprise Software and Cloud Services Custom Solutions

Lars Goransson

Managing Director, IDC Canada

George Bulat

Consulting Director

Heather Levinson

Vice President, Systems & Network Infrastructure Consulting

Jason Cunliffe

Group Vice President, Content Marketing Services

Donald Jin

Consulting Director, Worldwide Software Consulting

Keith Bagley

Vice President, Operations, Custom Solutions

Andy Fong

Consulting Director, Global Research & Executive Advisory

Chris Picanso

Vice President, Custom Solutions, Project Resource Office & Content Marketing Services

Paul Morrisette

Vice President, Project Management Office

Thomas Richard

Engagement Manager, Custom Solutions, Project Management Office

Scott McLarnon

Senior Vice President, Worldwide Custom Solutions

Margaret Dings

Vice President, Services Consulting

Tina Ni Riain

Consulting Director, IDC Insights Consulting

Boyd Chastant

VP, Worldwide Custom Analytics Practice

Brad Dillon

Consulting Director, WW Custom Analytics Practice

Brian Klatt

Consulting Director, Services Industry Consulting

Harsh Singh

Senior Research Analyst, Business Value Strategy Practice

Daniel O'Boyle Kelly

Vice President, IDC Global Partnering Practice, Custom Solutions

Jonathan Share

Group Vice President, Worldwide Custom Solutions

Mark Winther

Group Vice President and Consulting Partner, Worldwide Telecommunications

Carol M. Glasheen

Vice President, Quantitative Research Group, Custom Solutions

Matthew Marden

Research Director, Business Value Strategy Practice

Martin Sundblad

Research Manager

New Research

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