IDC Government Insights Team

Patrick Zhan

Research Manager, GI

Massimiliano Claps

Research Director

Alison Brooks, Ph.D.

Research Vice President – Worldwide Public Safety

Roberta Bigliani

Group Vice President, Head of IDC Insights and IDC Future of Work Executive Lead - Europe, IDC

Christopher Holmes

Managing Director - IDC Insights Asia Pacific

Adelaide O'Brien

Research Director, Government Digital Transformation Strategies

Gerald Wang

Director, and Head of AP Public Sector

Ruthbea Yesner

Vice President, Government Insights, Education and Smart Cities

Curt Savoie

Program Director

Leon Xiao

Senior Research Manager, Vertical Industry Research and Consulting, IDC China

Jebin George

Senior Program Manager, Customer Insights and Analysis, IDC MEA

Robert Parker

Senior Vice President, Enterprise Applications, Data Intelligence, Services, and Industry Research

Joe Dignan

European Head, IDC Government Insights

Louisa Barker

Research Manager, IDC Government Insights, Europe

Matthew Leger

Research Manager, IDC Worldwide Education Digital Transformation Strategies

Rimal Likhari

Research Manager, IDC Government Insights, Europe

Jezamin Abdul Razak

Senior Research Manager

New Research

This IDC Survey highlights the results from IDC Government Insights' 2021 Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) (APEJ) Survey, covering federal/national governments. This survey focuses on functional segments, such as human resources (HR), finance...
This IDC Market Note reviews and analyzes the 3Q21 financial results, strategic direction, opportunities and challenges, and ecosystem outlook for Uber and Lyft, two of the largest global mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) providers.
This IDC Survey Spotlight highlights data from IDC's 2021 CloudPath Survey highlighting the top challenges higher education institutions are experiencing when implementing AI."Higher education institutions have made significant advancements...
This IDC Survey Spotlight highlights data from IDC's 2021 Industry AIPath Survey, highlighting use cases where higher education respondents noted that artificial intelligence (AI) investments have made the greatest impact. "In the move to r...
This IDC Perspective highlights three important tools in agency arsenals to thwart cybercriminals: zero trust required by an executive order, Cloud Smart to reduce the barrier of entry for cloud migrations while maintaining cybersecurity, a...
This IDC Perspective summarizes key highlights from IDC's 2021 European Government Executive Summit. Worldwide pandemic recovery packages offer public sector leaders a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reimagine public services to make so...
This IDC Web Conference presents a discussion by the Worldwide Education DX Strategies team on top 10 predictions for the next five years impacting both IT and non-IT decision makers in primary, secondary, and tertiary education. After a fu...
This IDC Perspective presents survey data from IDC's May 2021 CloudPath Survey of 100 federal government decision makers regarding the use of platform as a service (PaaS) and DevOps skills and the role that application and mobile solution d...

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