Worldwide Services Research Team

Elaina Stergiades

Research Manager, Software and Hardware Support Services

Gard Little

Vice President, Global Services Markets and Trends

Cushing Anderson

Program Vice President, IT Education and Certification

Ali Zaidi

Research Director, IT Consulting, Systems Integration, and Artificial Intelligence Services

Marianne Kolding

Vice President, European Core Research Excellence Leader, European Skills Practice

Vladimir Kroa

Associate Vice President, IT Services , CEMA

Lisa Rowan

Research Vice President, HR, Talent, and Learning Strategies

Xiao-Fei Zhang

Research Director, IDC Global Services Markets and Trends

Curtis Price

Program Vice President, Infrastructure Services

David Tapper

Program Vice President, Outsourcing and Managed Cloud Services

Lisa Nagamine

Research Manager, WW Services Trackers

Jennifer Hamel

Research Manager, Analytics and Intelligent Automation Services

Leslie Rosenberg

Research Vice President, Network Life-Cycle Services and Infrastructure Services

Margaret Dings

Vice President, Services Consulting

Brian Klatt

Consulting Director, Services Industry Consulting

Alison Close

Research Manager, Digital Business Operations and Analytics Services

Peter Marston

Research Director, Application Development, Testing, and Management Services

Bjoern Stengel

Senior Research Analyst, Business Consulting

New Research

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