Canada Research Team

Manish Nargas

Research Manager, Consumer and Mobile Research

Jason Bremner

Research Vice President, Industry and Business Solutions

Warren Shiau

Research Vice President, AI & Analytics

Emily Taylor

Consulting Manager

George Bulat

Consulting Director

Steve White

Program Vice President, Channels and Alliances

Nigel Wallis

Research Vice President, IoT and Industries

Rob Burbach

Research Director

Jim Westcott

Research Manager, Application Solutions

Lawrence Surtees

Research Vice President, Communications

Tarun Bhasin

Research Director, Datacentre Infrastructure

Tony Olvet

Group Vice President, Research

Dave Pearson

Research Vice President, Infrastructure Solutions

Steve Yang

Senior Analyst, Communications & Mobility

Shahd Elashri

Associate Analyst, Wearables & Consumer Research

Julie Tiley

Vice-President, Custom Solutions

Julie Ross

Research Director, Worldwide Software and Public Cloud Services Trackers

Lars Goransson

Managing Director, IDC Canada

Evan Hardie

Research Director, Future of Work, Printers & Digital Displays

Patty Bu

Research Director, Survey & Analysis

Jean Philippe Bouchard

Vice-President, Future of Work and Mobility Research

Ed Daugavietis

Consulting Director

Paul Edwards

Director, Software Channels Research

Brendan Rouse

Research Analyst, Channels and Alliances

Cristina Santander

Manager, Marketing & Customer Experience

John Zhang

Research Analyst

Vijay Kumar

Research Manager, Market Insights & Analytics Team

Megha Kumar

Research Director, Software and Cloud Services

Rajiv Poddar

Research Analyst, Market Insights and Analytics

Yogesh Shivhare

Senior Analyst, Security and Infrastructure

April (Jixue) Zhang

Associate Research Analyst, Market Insights & Analytics

Aron Cory, Ph.D.

Research Manager, Agriculture

New Research

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