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Canadian IT Market Forecaster

IDC's Canadian IT Market Forecaster complements our subscription research services, which aims to keep clients abreast of the latest technology and segmentation trends and opportunities. IDC's multidimensional research provides executives with insights into industry trends, strategic planners with unparalleled detail in sizing critical market segments, and sales and marketing organizations with tactical insights into new market opportunities. IDC's Canadian IT Market Forecaster is delivered in a pivot table so customers can evaluate and analyze market data across multiple dimensions. This flexible and dynamic tool allows clients to identify market opportunities and effectively position their products. The tool provides five-year end-user spending forecasts for 50 IT hardware, software, and services markets segmented by industry, region, and company size, as well as historical data for one year. IDC offers the most granular multidimensional view of the Canadian IT and telecom markets with our market forecaster tools, with segmentation by industry, region, and size across hardware, software, IT services, and telecom markets.

Markets Covered

This product covers the following segments of the IT market:

IT market segments: Analytics and artificial intelligence, application development software, application platforms, integration and orchestration middleware, software quality and life-cycle tools, data management software, collaborative applications, content workflow and management applications, customer relationship management (CRM) applications, engineering applications, enterprise resource management (ERM) applications, production applications, supply chain management (SCM) applications, network management software, security software, storage software, system management software, endpoint management software, physical and virtual computing software, base desktop PC, base notebook PC, high-end enterprise servers, midrange enterprise servers, volume servers, direct-attached storage, network-attached storage, storage area network, switches, routers, IP telephony, wireless LAN, security appliances, other data networking, printers and multifunction printers, smart handhelds, media tablets, monitor, IS consulting, systems integration, custom application development, network consulting and integration, IS outsourcing, network and desktop outsourcing, application management, hosted application management, hosting infrastructure services, software deploy and support, hardware deploy and support, and IT education and training

Company size segments: 1–4 employees, 5–9 employees, 10–19 employees, 20–49 employees, 50–99 employees, 100–199 employees, 200–499 employees, 500–999 employees, 1,000+ employees, and consumer/home

Regional segments: Atlantic (NS, NB, PEI, and NFLD), Quebec (QC and NVT), Ontario (ON), Manitoba/Saskatchewan (MB and SK), Alberta (AB), and British Columbia (BC, YK, and NWT)

Industry segments: Primary, discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing, construction, transportation, communications and media, utilities, wholesale and distribution, retail, banking, insurance, financial markets, business services, federal government, provincial and local government, education, and health

Subjects Analyzed

IDC's Canadian IT Market Forecaster contains Canadian data for all of IDC's IT hardware, software, and services markets. It includes:

  • Forecasts and historical data for 50 of IDC's IT markets
  • Complements IDC's existing research programs and includes all forecasts, not just those covered in detail in the CIS programs
  • Access to regular forecast updates based on IDC's latest research
  • End-user spending data segmented by 17 industries, 6 regions, and 10 company size segments


Canadian IT Market Forecaster subscribers receive two updates to IDC's IT market forecaster data. Pivot tables are delivered via email, and the Canadian IT Market Forecaster offers additional market forecasts and history not covered in published IDC research documents:

  • Semiannual updates: April and September

Key Product Applications

Our research addresses the following issues that are critical to your success:

  1. Measure historical performance across multiple markets and segments.
  2. Develop business plans with quantitative data on market sizes and forecasts.
  3. Set goals or quotas based on market sizes, growth, or share.
  4. Reduce time spent doing research when building sizing, forecasts, and business plans.
  5. Align market sizes to your addressable market (by market, region, size, and industry).
  6. Determine which segments offer the best opportunity for growth.

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