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Canadian Quarterly Server Tracker

The impact of the market forces acting upon the Canadian server market — such as technologies (cloud computing, big data, AI, and converged and hyperconverged integrated systems), go-to-market strategies, vendor product and pricing strategies, and customer demands — makes targeting the server market opportunities a challenge. IDC's Canadian Quarterly Server Tracker® provides a comprehensive view of today's highly consolidated server market, identifying growing market segments for server vendors to align products and sales resources with market demand. This market intelligence service provides a complete understanding of current trends for volume, midrange, and high-end enterprise server markets, uncovering opportunities as they arise with industry-leading analysis and insights to address them. Identifying market trends and technology adoption rates can help a sales force more effectively retire quotas, leading to increased revenue growth and market share. The supply-side research is supported by demand-side and channel resources encompassing all major technologies, price bands, and product lines in the Canadian server market.

Technology Coverage

This tracker provides total market size and vendor share for the following technology areas. Measurement for this tracker is in shipments and revenue.

Core Coverage:

  • Server class (volume, midrange, and high end)
  • Product (blade, tower, rack optimized, and density optimized)
  • Architecture (x86, EPIC, RISC, and CISC)
  • Operating system (Windows, Linux, Unix, etc.)
  • Granular model-level data for all vendors

Optional Content Add-Ons:

  • Channel (direct versus indirect) split by vendor for x86
  • Customer segment split by vendor for x86

Geographic Scope

  • Canada

Data Deliverables

This tracker is delivered on a quarterly basis via a web-based interface for online querying and downloads. Deliverables for this tracker are listed below. For a complete delivery schedule please contact an IDC sales representative.

  • Final data
  • Forecast data
  • Telephone inquiry time to support questions regarding data usage

Forecast Coverage

Forecasts for this tracker are updated quarterly and include historical data, two years of quarterly forecasts, and an additional three years of annual market projections. Examples of the forecasts included in this tracker are as follows:

Core Forecast Coverage:

  • Unit and revenue forecast: View by operating system, CPU type, rack factor, and so forth

Optional Forecast Add-Ons:

  • Channel split for x86
  • Customer segment split for x86

IDC's Tracker Methodology

IDC's tracker data is developed using a rigorous methodology that includes well-planned and well-coordinated local, regional, and worldwide data cross-checks combined with a proprietary advanced data consolidation and analysis data platform managed by IDC's Worldwide Tracker organization. Data sources used in the process of determining IDC's tracker numbers include, but are not limited to:

  • In-country local vendor interviews
  • Distribution data feeds
  • Worldwide and regional vendor guidance
  • ODM data
  • In-country local channel partner discussions
  • Import records
  • Feedback from component suppliers
  • Vendor briefings and public financial reports

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