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Humanizing (Artificial) Intelligence – Infinite Value for Customers, Employees, Shareholders, and Malicious Actors?

Saint-Jean-C, France
Coverage: Europe

As AI and its use cases mature, the focus is shifting toward humanizing it

Artificial intelligence is emerging as the most impactful jump in technology evolution since the World Wide Web. Financial institutions have been on the forefront of adopting analytics and AI and its latest evolutions such as GenAI are no exception. The potential of these new technologies to enhance productivity through automation, augment staff to focus on value-generating activities, transform customer experiences, and improve and scale analytics in risk-, compliance-, fraud-, and cybersecurity to counter adverse actions is sheer limitless.


As AI and its use cases mature, the focus is shifting toward humanizing it. This means to harmonize, optimize, and improve the way machines integrate and interact with humans. This requires nothing less than a cultural revolution going far beyond technology, but has widespread social, environmental, ethical, cultural, and regulatory implications to ensure machines will augment, empower, and improve human experiences, not replace, discriminate, or threaten them. While this sounds like science fiction, these decisions and safeguards must be taken sooner rather than later – optimally in broad consensus between regulators, financial institutions, partners, other industries and most importantly staff and customers.

Despite the risks of AI, IDC is a firm believer in the potential of AI technology provided that this is managed with appropriate governance processes to ensure ethical deployment and regulatory compliance covering data protection, intellectual property, and civil rights. The conference will therefore focus on how financial institutions adapt to the rise of machines and generate business and operational value. We will look at use cases, risks, and successful strategies to implement AI to help deliver FSI business priorities and objectives as well as to brave the headwinds life throws at FSI. This applies particularly to risks that more powerful AI and GenAI pose to the industry, considering that they can be leveraged also by malicious actors enabling them to scale and execute new types of cyber-attacks that will be even harder to detect and defend.

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