Data Measurement Products for Canada

IDC Canada offers an array of data measurement products to help you manage your business, including IDC Trackers, Market Forecasters, Spending Guides, Wallets and Black Books.

IDC's data products allow you to uncover emerging market opportunities as well as truly understand the competitive landscape of each market. Customers of IDC's data products use IDC data to map market demand, uncover new opportunities by industry and use case, assess the competitive landscape, define customer targets and more.

Discover how you can simplify your data needs and fulfill more of your business objectives by going with IDC as your all-in-one data source. Contact us today to learn about leveraging IDC's data products for your organization.

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Canadian Market Forecasters

Our Canadian Market Forecaster Suite provides forecasts and historical data for all of IDC's IT & Communication markets in Canada, updated semiannually. End-user spending data is segmented by 18 industries, 6 regions & 10 company size segments.

We offer 5 Market Forecaster options depending on your needs.

  • Cloud
  • IT
  • Managed Services
  • Security
  • Telecom
  • We can also customize these offerings to your organization's taxonomy. Contact our custom solutions team for more information on custom versions of these products.

Spending Guides - Canada Region

3rd Platform and Innovation Accelerators Spending Guides
3rd platform technologies are the new foundation for future IT market growth. Our 3rd Platform spending guides are multi-dimensional, all-in-one data products that feature global industry forecasts for all of IDC’s 3rd platform and Innovation Accelerator technologies. The spending guides are produced semiannually and delivered via pivot table or the Customer Insights Query Tool.

Core IT Spending Guides
Should be used by strategic planners and market analysts, seeking to understand the opportunities by industry and size of company. Their strategic outlook on spending provides IT vendors with key information needed to develop effective market strategies. These guides combine IDC's extensive technology forecasts with deep industry segmentation.

Digital Ecosystems
Locate opportunities connected to mega trends: smart cities, DX, digital economy, connected consumers and customer experience.

Industry Spending Guides
Should be used by strategic planners, market analysts, and others seeking to understand the opportunities by industry. Their global outlook on spending provides IT vendors with key information needed to develop effective market strategies. These guides combine IDC's extensive technology forecasts with deep industry knowledge.

  • IDC Insights
  • 3rd Platform Industries

Black Books

Are the industry-standard study on the state of ICT spending in every region around the world. IDC’s Black Books present a quarterly analysis of the size and growth of the worldwide ICT industry in 89 countries.


For IT vendors, sales targets continue to increase at rates upwards of 15% annually. IT vendors need to be better informed and sell smarter. IDC's Wallet services provide an analysis of the IT spending strategies and budgets for the world's largest companies. The research is crafted to arm sales with the specific information they need to incorporate into a smart selling strategy.

Canadian Consumer: Market Speak

IDC Canada's Canadian Consumer Market Speak showcases topic-specific survey data & key insights from questions asked on IDC’s recent consumer surveys.

  • Consumer Services
  • TV Services
  • OTT Video
  • Internet Services
  • Wireless Services
  • Connected Life
  • Connected home
  • Connected car
  • Intelligent Assistants
  • Activities
  • Internet activities
  • Online communications
  • Hardware
  • Mobile Phones
  • Tablets
  • Printers
  • PCs
  • Wearables
  • Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

Services Contracts Databases

IDC's Services Contracts Database products provide a comprehensive tool for lead generation and targeting opportunities across the region. The database is updated in real time with the most recent findings for each country.

AskIDC Inquiry Desk

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Canadian research program subscribers have analyst inquiry hours available to understand the related markets and trends better. Simply contact AskIDC during business hours to start a research inquiry.

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