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The communications service provider (CSP) market continues its transformation into the industry underpinning the digital, sharing and interconnected economy. Driven by ongoing innovations and technological developments, the industry struggles to keep pace with these rapid changes. With communications infrastructure becoming a utility under increasing regulatory pressure, the landscape also changes as previously separate industry sectors merge to create offerings competing with those of the CSP.

This is also where IoT becomes important – linking sensor, devices and other elements to CSP networks, opening the way to smart cities and communities, smart grids, smart farms, smart factories plus smart homes and buildings. Merged with the data analytics needed to operate our increasingly complex society, these solutions enable the data driven economy.

These developments are not without risks. As societies and economies become more dependent on ICT solutions, cybercrime and cyberwar threaten the fabric of daily life. Addressing these challenges requires access to a constant source of relevant, timely and data backed perspective on the industry across Australia and New Zealand. To overcome the challenges born out of rapidly evolving enterprise and consumer demands coupled with thinning margins from traditional telco services, the CSPs must transform their business models, product and service offerings, and engagement strategies.

In the face of these challenges, IDC has created 3 report series to inform and equip CSPs to successfully transform their business:

IDC's Asia/Pacific Communications Service Provider Business Transformation Strategies looks at the current telecom landscape and how CSPs and technology vendors can leverage their core assets to transform their business and stay ahead of the competition.

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Complementing the changes required in business models and operational approach for CSPs, IDC's Asia/Pacific Communications Service Provider Technology Strategies program offers insights into the technology strategies of telecom, TV, ISP, and OTT providers in the APEJ region. This service looks specifically at the innovative ways CSPs are leveraging the 3rd Platform to create next-generation network products and services. End users, both enterprise and consumer, expect CSPs to bring innovative products to market quickly and at affordable levels. Regardless of the segment, CSPs are evaluating and adopting new technologies to help them push past their traditional markets and tap into new opportunities.

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Rounding out the transformation of CSPs, IDC's Asia/Pacific Internet of Things Ecosystem and Trends service examines the rapidly evolving Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem and industry, including the evolution from machine-to-machine (M2M) to IoT solutions in Asia/Pacific. In addition, IDC reviews the impact IoT has on various industry vertical, including manufacturing and healthcare, and the new business models that will emerge – the key topic areas that are growing in importance in Asia, including Smart Cities and consumer wearables. The Asia/Pacific Internet of Things Ecosystem and Trends target audience is vendors across the IoT ecosystem, including device/module manufacturers, service providers, application developers, security vendors, analytics vendors, and systems integrators.

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